Sand in me crack

C – Well….. I think I can honestly say that last night was my miserable night of the whole trip so far. Without a doubt.

T – A combination of the relentless howling of the wind, smashing of the surf and crashing about of the tent all night made for a pair of very unhappy little Aussies. Stupid beach. Stupid wind. Stupid flat mat.

C – By the time we had gone to bed the wind had picked up a bit. Enough to be too annoying to sit outside without shelter, but not enough to concern us inside the tent. However, just before midnight, I awoke to the sound of the wind building quickly and strongly. The tent was starting to pull against the pegs, the palm trees loudly voiced their objection and the waves crashed on the shore. All this though, was fine. Perfectly ok… just roll over and go back to sleep. Until…. I copped a face full of sand. Sand whipped up by the wind, forced under the fly and straight through the mesh. Into my bed. Within seconds, I was covered with sand, my hair quickly turning white and my sleeping bag filling with at least 60 tonnes of sand. Lets just say I was not happy.

T – The sand was pouring in through the mesh. But because the mesh was so fine, so was the sand. I was on the upwind side of the tent so I basically used Chantelle as my cover and I managed to slip in and out of sleep for a while before eventually even my side of the tent was 30 foot deep in sand…

C – This went on for hours and hours and hours. I had to wrap my sleeping bag liner around my head so I could breathe.

Thankfully, I learnt that I am good a windbreak and thus gave Todd adequate protection from the wind which had obviously been sent solely to make me understand misery.

Due to this, we were up very early and trying to pack up in the howling, gusty wind. We could see dark tropical rain clouds slowly roll across the sky towards us – we desperately wanted to pack up before everything got wet too.

T – Trying to pack up a flapping sand filled angry tent in the wind and sand and constant threat of skull cracking coconuts falling on my noggin made me a very grumpy boy. At least it wasn’t raining.

C – We managed to get packed up and on the dirt road from Punta Allen back to Tulum by 8.30. It was clear it had rained along this route and we had fun sliding along the muddy road, despite both of us being very tired and looking forward to ridding ourselves of a few kilos of sand.

T – I spoke too soon. It was absolutely chucking it down. The road was a soggy sloppy greasy mess and an absolute hoot to ride on! It didn’t take long and little Mabel was coated in a nice layer of white mud. She was loving it! Not so much Rosie though, who spent a few moments spitting and farting her way along the wet track before cutting out altogether. Oh and she basically gave me the bird by losing her footpeg rubber some ways back, though I looked for it I never found it.

C – By the time we reached Tulum, it was bucketing down. A proper, tropical rain storm. The last 60 kilometres were rather hilarious, although somewhat dangerous, on a very busy highway from Tulum to Playa del Carmen, sometimes through highway rivers which I swear were up to our headlights!!!


T – The drains on the side of the highway just couldn’t cope with the water running off of the road and soon massive puddles were stretched out into the lanes of traffic. I loved the part where a car would tear past us at 90km/hr just barely 2 meters away and hit the deeper water thus spewing massive waves of muddy goodness straight at poor Mabel and me. My helmet was full of water, my boots were full of water, my wet weather gear was doing its job of letting all the water into my crotch. But it was truly fun!

C – We arrived in Playa with about two hours to waste before checking in to our AirBnB. Duirng a quick trip to Walmart to sit out some rain, we were approached by gentleman who recognised us from our blog. It was wonderful to meet Richard and his wife!! Hopefully we can meet up with these guys for a proper chat before they leave the area!!

After leaving Walmart, we were stopped by a guy in traffic who was really excited to see our little girls. With still an hour to waste, we eagerly accepted his invite to head back to his beach hotel and meet his wife and daughters. We had a lovely chat with Daniel and his beautiful family, who are from northern Mexico, enjoying a well deserved holiday in Playa!

After this, we went straight to our AirBnB, where we enjoyed a steaming hot showers and climbed between clean, sand free sheets for a nice, quiet, peaceful sleep!

Tomorrow, we will hang about here, before heading back to Tulum on Monday.

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