Beach bums and beach boobs

C – I woke up (by being prodded by Todd) to a beautiful sunrise. After a minute of staring out through the mesh of the tent at the spectacular view, I rolled over and was back asleep in no time at all!

Neither of us ventured up until late and by 10.30 we had paid to stay another night and set up with our books outside the tent, with the beautiful backdrop of blue sky and equally blue ocean.

At lunchtime we made our way into town for some food, but it wasnt long before we were plopped back in our chairs with our books in hand.

The town has a lot of day trippers from Tulum come in on tours and we lost our quiet little beach for a piece of the afternoon. Poor Todd was shocked and spent this time unsure how to get back to the tent or to the bathroom, after several young girls stripped down to nothing but g-strings for sunbathing, swimming and the oh-so-cool duck face selfie posing with a number of props, including drift wood and a coconut palm.

T – There were bloody boobies everywhere and I felt safer confined to my chair and reading my book than venturing out. It was a little weird especially when they started climbing the coconut palm behind us. I guess I’m not used to seeing people get so naked in public, but I felt very uncomfortable.

C – And… thats about the extent of todays adventures.

Tomorrow, we will head back to Tulum and see if I can find someone to manufacture a couple of engine mounts for us. I had been complaining of increased vibrations and a change in Rosies running ‘note’ since the accident and we recently discovered the impact of the crash broke one of the mounts and moved the position of the engine ever so slightly. If we find someone, we will get a few made just incase!

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