Crazy people seem to love her

C – We awoke early this morning, to a quiet and fresh Valladolid. After accidentally waking up the sleeping night man, we ventured out at 6am to find coffee. After grabbing a take away coffee, we sat in the square and watched the city awakening. The sky was a greying dawn and the air was fresh but not cold.

After some people watching and solving the problems of the universe, we ventured back to the hotel to pack up for the ride to Tulum. It was not particularly early when we left, god knows what we did to fill in the hours, but it was 10.30 by the time we were riding out of Valladolid.


We sat on the libre road all the way into Tulum, where we were greeted with the expected tourist haven. Lot of western styled restaurants, hotels and all inclusive beach resorts. We visited the post office to learn our packed is in Mexico, but another 5-7 days is expected before it makes it to Tulum.

After a quick visit to the supermarket for food and water, we headed straight out of town, heading into a federal biosphere reserve and onto the town of Punta Allen. This small fishing village sits at the end of a 40km long spit and the road to it is rough gravel, sand and mud.

The ride was completely joyful and not at all challenging.. expect the challenge of dodging the pot holes as best we could! We caught our first glimpse of the Caribbean and was greeted with lovely, white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. It was a little windy, so the ocean was a bit rough, but beautiful all the same.

It took us two hours to travel the 40km due to the condition of the road, but it was a fun and interesting ride. We rode through town to the camp we had picked out and found a lovely little spot right on the beach, under the shade of a couple of coconut palms (dont worry CI people, we checked for coconuts before setting up camp!!).

The rest of the afternoon was spent reading and lazing about on the beach, followed by a short walk to find a cold beer!

After cooking ourselves some dinner, we drifted off to the sleep to the sound of the ocean with a lovely cool breeze floating through the tent.

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2 thoughts on “Crazy people seem to love her

  1. Jax

    NOW stay a week!!!

    • tncpowell

      We would have stayed longer but a massive tropical storm had us riding for town. Pouring with rain, blowing our tent over, filling all of our camping gear with sand. Not a terribly pleasant experience!

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