Third times a charm

T – Jose Maria Morelos was a pumping little town. Full of life. I really liked the vibe of the place. But a lot of the men leered at Chantelle a lot and stared at her boobs openly as we walked around. That bit I didn’t like.

C – Creepy!! I wasn’t even wearing a tight shirt…. and staring back at them did not seem to deter them one bit!!!

T – The room we had last night had a super sized double king bed. It was a monster! So I managed to sleep soundly and comfortably right through until sunrise. I was up at 6am, damn my internal alarm clock, and accidently woke the reception guy who was sleeping in his hammock in the lobby.

We decided last night that we would just head for Tulum where we would stop for a few days and await this damn part. We have seen a heap of the Yucatan now and are both very keen to get into Belize. We absolutely LOVE Mexico, but we are just ready to ride for a while!

So we grabbed some amazing tacos and rode out of town. Our destination was Valladolid again. This little city is almost in the centre of the Yucatan and we both like it there. From there Tulum is only 3 hours, for us, away and we shall head there tomorrow.

C – My theory for good, cheap Mexican food is holding. Find the place with the plastic chairs and tables and you will be rewarded with fantastic food at a cheap price!!!

T – The ride was pretty uneventful. We took some back roads which were straight and flat and soon boredom set in. We broke the ride up with a few pit stops as Mabel has developed quite a leak somewhere and is losing around half of her oil each day. I thought I had found the leak but when I stripped her down I found that I was wrong.

So at one point along the road when Mabel was nicely warmed up we pulled over and I pulled her cases off to see if I could pinpoint the source of the leak. Bloody little bitch had stopped leaking now and everything was spotless. But I do suspect that it is coming from an oil seal behind her stator. She didn’t leak a drop for the rest of the day.

Eventually we made it to our hotel for the night and spent the afternoon chilling out before heading out for some food.

C – Despite Valladolid being an incredibly beautiful city, full of wonderful night life, we were  both feeling a little antsy to not be here. We love Mexico but are both feeling its time to move on to the next adventure – Belize. Patience is a virtue right????

T – Tomorrow we will head into Tulum and see if the part is there before either camping for a couple of nights on the coast, or if the part is in, heading towards the Belize border.

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2 thoughts on “Third times a charm

  1. Jax

    That axe is perfectly positioned for wayward pedestrians.

    • tncpowell

      Yes! The soldiers at the military check points havent been too fond of it there.

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