You snooze as you cruise cause you aint got nothin’ to lose

C – This was seriously the quietest place we have a spent a night in Mexico. No firecrackers, no music, no barking dogs or crowing roosters, no loud cars. Amazing!

When the wind died down during the night, I awoke drenched in sweat. We had put the fly on the tent as it looked as though it might rain, but even with the doors wide open I felt like I was laying inside a furnace. My shirt was stuck to me, drenching wet and I had to open the mesh door to feel like I could breath. I felt even hotter than the night we camped at Death Valley.

T – The freakiness of the absolute deafening silence led me to have nightmarish dreams about demons and the Devil. All of whom were standing in the palapa with us. I kept waking up and dropping straight back into the same dream which made for a very unpleasant nights sleep. At one point I was wide awake and could swear I heard on of those demons standing outside near Mabel and laughing  horribly. Ugh. What a crappy sleep.

C – I ventured out of the tent to cool down and wondered why I wasn’t getting any of the cool rising from the cement floor of the palapa. It was then that I realised – I was laying on top of my sleeping bag. The one designed for -5 celcius… I quickly dragged the sleeping bag out of the way and pulled my liner over the mat, so I wouldnt stick to it. I layed down and….. bliss! I could feel the coolness rising from the concrete and immediately crashed back to sleep!

We both awoke in time to see the sunrise this morning, which was simply magnicificent, rising over the lake and sending shades of pink through the sky.

T – Nightmares aside, this place was really beautiful. I was up nice and early and taking photos of the early morning light hitting the lake. Such a gorgeous little camp spot.

C – The water was crystal clear and like glass this morning without the wind, so I stripped down to my underwear and jumped right in, washing the stickiness of last nights furnace session away. The water was cool and refreshing.. double bliss!!

T – The water was cool and refreshing? My bloody ass it was! It was straight up effing freezing and I know this because my bollocks retreated back up into my body fast. I ventured in wearing just mu jocks, but I could have gone in naked. It was that cold that no one would have seen my shrivlled and hiding body parts anyways. Like a Ken doll I was.

C – After some breakfast we decided to head inland, back towards a town we rode through yesterday. Todd had found some backroads to get us there and the town looked like a lively place when we rode through yesterday.

T – I was excited about breakfast today. We usually carry oatmeal and I love the stuff. Except this time we had left it too long in the food box in its original cardboard container. So my breakfast tasted of oddly scented cardboard. I threw it out.

C – We were both excited when we turned off of the highway and the road began to deteriorate. More and more potholes appeared whilst the track became narrower and narrower. It was such a fun ride and a little disappointing when we popped out onto the highway, just 30km out of Jose Maria Morelos.

T – That was a brilliant section of road. I loved the way it totally deteriorated into absolute crap and craters and well crap really! It was a heap of fun doing the old dodgeroonie around the deep bike destroying holes. Mabel was loving it. Except for the few times I stuffed it up and we ended up collecting a few potholes. Sorry Mabes.

C – Venturing into town, we stopped for lunch and were served an amazing and ridiculously cheap torta de chorizo con papa (chorizo with potatoe). Simply divine!

We checked into a cheap hotel, dropped off our stinky laundry and went walking all through town.

T – The laundry was putrid. We have had a few tropically warm and humid days recently and combined with the day of being drenched we were both decidedly smelly. My anti smell underpants, thanks Dave and Anne, were really battling to keep the odours down. I think they may have even partially melted their way through the laundry bag by the time we dropped them in for a wash. Sorry to the laundry lady.

C – We found a delicious hamburger off a food cart for dinner and then ventured, sweating, into our nice and cool room.

Tomorrow, well, tomorrow we have no clue where we will go. We want to arrive in Tulum in the next three days, so I guess North we will go!

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2 thoughts on “You snooze as you cruise cause you aint got nothin’ to lose

  1. Dna

    Ewwww… hard to get that visual out of our minds…

    • tncpowell

      Haha! Im glad you bought me those undies!

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