Tell her she’s dreamin’!

C – I was ken to be up and at ‘em this morning. We had decided to head towards Laguna Azul and camp for the night, which I was really looking forward to. A big ride today by our recent standards, as we had approximately 200km to ride.

After a quick scoot around Tzucacab’s centro area, we headed on out of towns, with grumbling tummies. We didnt see any breakfast options which appealed to us, so decided we would just find something along the way.

About 45 minutes later, we entered a village and, spotting a loncheria, we pulled over and ventured in to discover their delights. By this time it was 11.30 so we both opted for the meal of the day – Empanizado de pollo. Some kind of battered and fried chicken. When the meal came out, it was massive! Three big pieces of chicken fillet, salad and rice, along with the must have tortillas.

T – I love these little roadside stalls. Chantelle has a theory that any of the places with plastic chairs and tables will have the best food, and so far she has been right!  The serve of chicken was massive and I greedily wolfed it down like an animal. I love that when you order these things the food is cooked, possibly even killed, right then and there. Hopefully it helps us to avoid the odd tummy bug.

C – With tummies stuffed so full we thought we might burst, we jumped back onto the highway. The riding wasnt particularly spectacular and some sections of the highway simply dragged on and on and on and on and on and on.

T – For scenic winding type riding in Mexico, the Yucatan is the place you wont find it. The roads here seemingly go on forever. But we do get to pass through a heap of small villages which is really cool.

C – We finally arrived in Lezaro Cardenas, the town closest to the campsite and decided to stop by one of the Mini Supers to pick up some food for dinner. There were millions (well, maybe 10 or so) stalls lining the roadside selling fresh pineapples.

So after purchasing one and some dinner goodies, we headed out along a small gravelly and muddy track towards the Laguna Azul campground. The track was bumpiy, muddy and a little bit slippery and it was fun to be off of the highway. After about 4km, we arrived at the campsite and I went in search of someone to check us in.

T – Such a fun little ride in. We had to be careful off the green mossy stuff that was slimed all along the road though. That stuff will make a Mabel or Rosie come unstuck in the clench of a gnats anus. This little stretch of road reminded me so much of the place we had both lived, Christmas Island, and I spent a few moments reminiscing.

C – I found the owner in the restaurant and was quoted $125 pesos per person, per night. I enquired as to what services she offered at the camp and was told none. Cold showers, a flushing toilet and a piece of dirt to pitch the tent. Woah! Expensive campground. The view was certainly sensational, but the campground was not paying $50 pesos less than a hotel with hot water, wifi and a real bed.

T – When Chantelle came back and told me how much it cost to sleep in the dirt I nearly fell over! Surely she was taking the mickey! But nope. All that cash with no services. No thankyou!

C – I knew that there was another camp on the lake front about 10km down the road, so off we went in search of that. It was in the small village of Buena Vista. I enquired at the bar and was quoted $100pesos per palapa, per night, with the same services – cold showers and a flushing toilet. Perfect!

T – Now this place was better. We could rent an entire palapa, right on the lake shore, for $100pesos for the night, for the both of us. Plus there was a bar close enough for me to send Chantelle to while I worked on the bikes.

C – We set up in a palapa (which was actually lined with mossie net all around!!!) and then purchased a beer each. Rosie was still slipping her clutch under load and Mabel had developed a leak from shifter seal. So, the girls went back down on their sides on the lakes edge as we went about performing some maintenance.

A few hours later and the girls were both back to full health, with Mabels seal changed out for a bright shiny new one and Rosies clutch plates sanded and gripping once more.

I was very keen on a swim, but the wind was up and the lake was very rough. So instead, we watched the sky grow dark and enjoyed being outside, listening to the waves lap at the lake shore.

We have no clue where we will head tomorrow. We will head north, maybe inland, maybe towards the coast?!?!?!

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4 thoughts on “Tell her she’s dreamin’!

  1. franklin

    Hey, I too, love Mexico and ride a BMWK75 in Canada but would love to follow in your footsteps someday. Great ‘posts’. Enjoy and ‘keep it up’.

    • tncpowell

      Thank you for your kind words! Feel free to join us if you like!

  2. Jax

    It looks idyllic – you should have stayed a week!

    • tncpowell

      Haha. Theres so many other beautiful places to see though!

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