Smiling in the rain!

C – We awoke this morning to grumbling tummies and ventured out with Dave to find some scrummy Mexican breakfast. We walked into the food market opposite the square and after looking at a couple of menus, were swayed into one stall after being offered drinks with our breakfast. Always a winner!!

We devoured a delicious breakfast in great company! Hanging out with Dave has been great – he has a wonderful sense of humour and its been a lot of fun. Hopefully we will meet up again with him along the way.




T – We have decided to all meet up in Bolivia again and ride the salt flats and the Road of Death together. Which be a blast!

C – It was time to say our goodbyes after breakfast, with Dave heading for the border with Belize, whilst we were heading in the opposite direction, towards Peto and Tzucacab. It was about this time that it bucketed down – real, tropical downpour!!! It was wonderful to see rain, just not when we were getting ready to get on the motorbikes. We waited a few minutes and sure enough, the sun came out – we refused to put on our wet weather gear and headed off in search of batteries for the GPS.

T – Now that we aren’t being rained on every day with cold drizzly stuff it is actually fun to be caught in the rain.

C – A lovely family stopped to chat with us whilst we were parked at the shop. It always wonderful to interact with local people!! The father was blown away by the fact we could fly our motorbikes from Australia and then ride them all the way from Alaska to Argentina. ‘Such small bikes’ he kept saying, shaking his head and grinning.


Then it really started to rain. In seconds, the street was flooded, the girls were drenched and we were looking very much like drowned rats! We laughed as we stood on the side of the road and decided that there was just no point in wet weather gear now, so we took off into the rain.

The rain eased after a few minutes and we stopped out of town to put on our wet weather gear. We had chosen to take a small, rural backroad and it was a delightful ride with intermittent heavy, tropical showers.


T – It has been such a long time since the girls have had any kind of a bath  and as I rode along behind Chantelle I could see the mud and crud just pouring off of Rosie.

C – We arrived in Peto very wet, but excited to be somewhere new. After a look around, we couldnt find any hotels in the pretty little town, so headed on the extra 15km to Tzucacab, where we were promised by iOverlander that there was a hotel.

Finding the hotel, we dripped out of our wet riding gear and went for a wander around the village square. We found charcoal chicken for dinner, which was delicious and cheap – $45 pesos for a whole chicken (about $3AUD).

dsc08232 dsc08231

Tomorrow, we will head south towards Laguna Azul, where we will hoping get our camping gear back out for a few days whilst heading up the coast towards Tulum.

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