G’day Dave, and Dave.

T – I really like Tizimin. It has a really lovely and lively vibe and I could have spent another day here. But we decided to move on and see what else the Yucatan had to offer. Also we had been in contact with a fella named Dave through our blog who was in the area and we were keen to catch him before he passed us by. So we organised to meet up today for lunch.

C – We really had no clue what our plans were for today when we woke up. We lounged around a bit and during this time, Dave got in touch with us. So, plans made! We would ride the 60km back to Valladolid for lunch, and then see where the day took us.

T – We packed up and cruised out of town and headed for some ruins up the road. These ruins, Ek Balam, looked pretty cool in the pictures we had seen and promised to be relatively tourist free as well.

The ride there was pretty straight forward and it didn’t take us long before we were parking our bikes in an almost deserted parking lot. But we balked when we got to the ticket booth. It was really expensive! Crazy expensive! So we decided to grab a cold coke and think about it. Well the sale of the coke helped us decide to move on. Normally a can of soft drink can be had for about $7 pesos, this place wanted $30. What a rip off!

dsc08208 dsc08209

C – Had we had all day to explore the site, we would’ve paid the entry and gone in, however, knowing we had just under an hour to see the ruins and then make it to Valladolid for lunch, we decided not to enter.

T – So we hopped back on the bikes and trundled down into Valladolid. A great little place that we had spent a couple of nights in already. We pulled up at a spot where we had arranged to meet Dave and chilled out on the curb. A short while later and a guy pulls up next to us on a big BMW loaded down with luggage and shakes our hand and introduces himself as Dave. Now I was a little confused because I had been reading Daves blog and I was sure he was riding a gorgeous little XT250 Yamaha, but here was Dave on a BMW. Maybe he changed bikes?

dsc08215 dsc08216

It didn’t take long though for us to realise that by pure coincidence, this was a different Dave! All motorcyclists look the same you see.

C – BMW Dave was from Canada and cruising south on a lovely BMW F800GS. When he pulled in to park next to our girls, the big beemer dwarfed our girls!! I was super impressed when Dave got off and is shorter than I am! Height really isn’t a limitation if you have the confidence!

T – We stood around and chatted for a while about the brilliance that is life on the road and then the other Dave joined us.

dsc08212 dsc08218

After sharing a bite to eat BMW Dave headed off and XT Dave and us decided to stay the night in Valladolid and hang out.

C – It was lovely to meet BMW Dave and hear about his adventures so far! Safe riding BMW Dave (as you will forever be known to us!!).

T – What a brilliant fun night! Dave is a super guy and we really liked hanging out with him. He did force us to drink beer, eat tortas, hotdogs and icecream though! Actually to be fair, Chantelle forced us…. Please do check out his blog over at motopoet.com

dsc08220 dsc08222

C – XT Dave is a great guy and we had a great time chatting to him about all things motorbiking, travelling and life in general. We really enjoyed his company!

dsc08226 dsc08227 dsc08225

T – What a great night. I’m glad we got to meet up with Dave and Dave and hopefully we will see Dave and Dave along the way again. Thanks Dave and Dave.

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