We saw the flamingo flamin’ go!

T – Our ride today was going to take us along a track that we weren’t sure even existed. It showed up on two of our maps but when we checked on Google Earth there was just a big piece of ocean where we wanted to ride. Still there’s only one way to find out right?

C – We knew there was a chance we would have to turn around at Los Coloradas (where the bitumen road appeared to end) but it wasn’t such a long way and we were both super keen to ride along the skinny spit. I had read that there is a flamingo nesting ground out there and I was keen to see some more of these pink, weird birds!

T – We checked out of our hotel and scooted out of town. It was a gorgeous day for riding with the air temperature cool enough to keep both us and the bikes at a happy temperature.

As we rode along we started to see tracks heading off to our left and ending in pure white beach sand, so we decided to check one out. The sand was blindingly white and so so fine that our little bikes just sunk straight down into the stuff, but we managed to ride them close enough to the sea that we didn’t have to walk too far. We were greeted by turquoise water and endless empty beaches. Very pretty. The beach we had stopped at had a small stream running onto it that was filled with bright pink water and salt so thick you could almost walk on it.



C – It was very exciting to see a white, sandy beach! It has been a long while since we have seen tropical beaches and it was so lovely to see!! Pelicans were surfing the waves and looking very contented and it was tempting to jump in and join them!


T – We continued on our way and soon the road became smaller and smaller until we were riding a sandy one lane track that carved its way through some coastal scrub. It was here we started to see Pink Flamingos. Hundreds of the things. We managed to find some tracks that scooted out into the wetlands and allowed us to get a little closer to these weird birds with their heads buried in the water.

dsc08186 dsc08188

C – The day was getting brighter and brighter for me. It feels like it has been ages since we have ridden off the bitumen and I do much prefer to ride off road, even if it is sand! It was simply brilliant to be scooting down a little track, with no cars and no people, just birds to keep us company.


The birds!!! I found the flamingos super interesting – they are weirdly beautiful birds! It was awesome to be able to get closer to them this time and when we accidentally startled a few, it was equally cool to see them take off in flight. Watching them run along the top of the water was quite hilarious!

dsc08193 dsc08195 dsc08191

T – After taking a ton of bird pictures we carried on along the track, expecting at any minute that we would come to the end of it. But we got lucky. The road went right through even though in spots it did look as though it may sometimes be underwater.


C – The track changed constantly, from hard packed sand, to soft sand, to mud, to actually riding through the estuarine water, to rock and mud holes! It was brilliant! I had the grin of a cheshire cat by the time we reached the town of El Coy. We ventured into the town and had a cold drink on the pier which jutted out into the beautiful turquoise waters.

dsc08206 dsc08203

T – Once we reached the other side of the spit we headed back inland in search of some lodgings for the night and we ended up at the beautiful little town of Tizimil. The place has loads of character and so many friendly people. Everyone we stopped near said hello and asked where we were from and where we were going. I love these little out of the way places.

We wandered around the square and found a place that served amazing food before calling it a night.


C – Ending the night eating amazing Yucatan local dishes whilst we watched locals go about their Friday evening in the square was simply beautiful. What a day, what a ride!!!

T – There is no real plan for tomorrow but there is a heap of ruins in the Yucatan so maybe we will go and check a few more out as we slowly make our way to Tulum.

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4 thoughts on “We saw the flamingo flamin’ go!

  1. Goodness that ride sounded fantastic. Salt and pink flamingo must go together. I am hoping to see that in northern Chile near San Pedro de Atacama if that fan is successfully repaired. I can’t believe such a small item is holding up our exit.

    • tncpowell

      Hopefully you guys will be on your way again soon! Waiting around for parts can be a right pain in the ass. But if we hadn’t of been waiting for this part of ours then we wouldn’t have done yesterdays ride. Everything for a reason right?!

  2. Jax

    Eeny is getting awfully jealous. He wants to play in sand.

    • tncpowell

      Sand sux! Especially on these overloaded little fatties with their skinny little tyres!

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