Wheres the flamingos at?

T – It was quite a nice ride today. And it was so good to be on the bikes. The air was cool enough when moving that neither we nor the bikes were too warm. We wound out of Valladolid and soon found ourselves on a severely overgrown back road. It was bliss. We were the only ones out there, apart from the odd man on a bicycle.

We passed through some very rural towns where the houses were simple and had thatched roofs. Oh and some of the largest topes we have seen yet! We followed this road that passed through these little villages and after a nice 100 km’s we found ourselves at the coast in the town of San Felipe.

dsc08170 dsc08169

We were both starving so we went in search of food. And boy did we get lucky. We found a tiny little family run restaurant that served up a billion different fish dishes. I chose one called Ceviche de Pescado, fish soaked in lime juice, and Chantelle had Caldo de Pescado, fish stew. What came out of the kitchen was plates and bowls of food. Mine was damn incredible and tasted so fresh. Chantelle ended up with a bowl of soup and a whole big fish. It was so yum. We scoffed ourselves stupid and the total of this feast, $10 for the two of us including a drink each. So happy!

dsc08164 dsc08167 dsc08166 dsc08165

We scouted around San Felipe for a hotel but they were so so so overpriced that we decided to move on. It seems this is a very touristed area due to those pink birds, and Im not talking about sunburnt english girls, that everyone here just kept their prices sky high. Not to worry though, there was another town just up the road.



We rode the extra 15km’s and found another pricey hotel which seemed to be the cheapest in town. We had a wander through town in search of the usual gorgeous centro but found none. It is a weird town with an odd vibe. Certainly nothing here to entice us to stay a few days.

dsc08173 dsc08174 dsc08175 dsc08178

Tomorrow we ride along a track that crosses a skinny spit of land surrounded by water. If the track is there!

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