Fat pants are the best!

T – Another very quiet day today. We decided to stay another night here. Seeing as the part for Mabel is due into Tulum somewhere between the 1st December and the 16th December we figured we have no need to rush there.

Which makes for a very boring blog entry as we basically went out for a very nice, very cheap breakfast, before returning to the hotel to have our laundry done. I had to have all of my clothes washed which meant I was left wearing my very sexy and holey Thai ‘fat’ pants. So I wasnt going out in public for a while!


We lounged around and watched a great series on Netflix called Black Mirror which is a look at the dark side of technology and the potential effects it could have on us. Its bloody brilliant and we were hooked.

And thats really about it for the day! Tomorrow we are going to carve a path north from here and follow a few back roads. There is a place called Rio Lagartos that is close to the nesting ground for the pink flamingos.

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4 thoughts on “Fat pants are the best!

  1. Jax

    We DEMAND photos of the fat pants!

    • tncpowell

      Hahah. Never!! They have a very big hole in the crotch of them now. They aren’t for public viewing!

  2. Karen Boehler

    Isn’t Black Mirror great?

    Did you just watch the new season or all three?

    • tncpowell

      We loved it! We watched all three season in a binge watch!

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