Such a short day

Our destination today was another very long distance of 70 odd k’s. This is about the slowest we have travelled yet I think! We wanted to get into Chichen Itza as early in the morning as we could and avoid the big crowds. So our plan was to ride to the town of Piste which is located about 2 km’s from Chichen Itza and stay there for the night. We would then get up early tomorrow morning and be at the gates of the ruins at 8am.

We stopped in at El Torro again in Izamal for breakfast as last nights dinner had been amazing. Again they didn’t disappoint. The desayunos was damn amazing! After brekky we said goodbye to Ed and we went our separate ways.


The ride between Izamal and Piste was very uneventful and there wasn’t much to see on the libre road. We made short work of it and soon found a lovely little hotel tucked away down an alley for the night.


We had to go and withdraw some pesos from an ATM as we basically had none left, but would you believe, the only two ATM’s near us were out of order! Luckily we had a few USD that we could change otherwise we would have starved to death.

We had a short wander around the centro of Piste before grabbing a bite to eat and then heading off to bed.

Tomorrow we shall be up and on the road early and waiting at the gates to Chichen Itza for when they open.

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8 thoughts on “Such a short day

  1. Jax

    I just know I’m gonna hate reading tomorrow’s post….

    • tncpowell


  2. bocutter Ed

    Is this the 27th or the 29th post? 😉

    • bocutter Ed

      Haha 27th or 28th …

    • tncpowell

      This one is the 28th! I stuffed up the post date!!!!!! Apologies!

      • bocutter Ed

        Print guy for 40 years, so proofing is second nature. Nothin’ to apologize for …

        • bocutter Ed

          … never proofread your own work. Haha

          • tncpowell

            Haha! Chantelle is always telling me to check and double check things like dates and spelling. I never do! Just stumble headlong into it

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