Probably we should fix this

T – It was great to be back in the tent. Even though our mats went flat and the local dogs barked up a tune to go with the firecrackers and music that popped, screamed, and banged all night.

While sitting around having coffee the three of us decided we should probably really attend to our bikes which all had various clutch issues. Chantelle’s had started slipping after her crash, mine just needed a new clutch basket, and Ed’s little C90 had clutch slippage issues.

Soon we had all three bikes laid out on their sides and their innards opened up and exposed for all the world to see. It was at this point we decided to stay another night in camp as this looked to be a decent days work to sort them all out.

dsc07984 dsc07986

We had to wander into town to buy some various bits and pieces to help with the repairs and after we got back into camp I soon had a new clutch assembly into Mabel and Rosies clutch plates inspected and one weirdly worn out one replaced.


With the two posties out of the way Ed’s bike decided she didn’t want to play fair and after being reassembled proved to be stubborn with her gear changes. So Ed had to pull her all apart again to delve deeper into her engine where he found an engine casing dowel that had dislodged and slipped under the gear selector and a bent clutch actuator arm. As darkness fell we were down to torch light and Mabel got a new front tyre while 90 got her bits straightened and put back together.

dsc07983 dsc07988 dsc08004

Once Ed was satisfied with how she ran and shifted we walked into town to try to find something for dinner. Everything shut at 6pm and it was now just after 7. Damn it.


Finally we stumbled into a restaurant called El Torro just as I began to get the hangrys. The food was frigging incredible! I ordered a cheese and chicken dish soaked in some type of green soup. It was possibly the second best thing I have had in Mexico! Chantelle ordered a marinated pulled pork dish which was pretty damn good too.


Then it was icecream and back to camp for a sleep. It was a long day, well it felt like it, but it is good to know that both bikes now have good strong clutches again. Poor little abused things.


Tomorrow we head for Chichen Itza and will probably stay just outside of the ruins.

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4 thoughts on “Probably we should fix this

  1. Jax

    “an engine casing dowel that had dislodged and slipped under the gear selector and a bent clutch actuator arm”
    This makes you sound like you actually know what you are talking about 😉

    • tncpowell

      I have certainly learnt a lot about engines over the past 8 months. Still I am sure I can learn more yet

  2. Steve

    I love, LOVE, ready of your adventures

    • tncpowell

      Thanks Steve!

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