Yellow isn’t just for mustard

T – Woohoo! It is great to be riding again. Whilst we both really enjoyed our stop for the last 2 weeks we both had started to really miss the momentum of our trip. So it was with much excitement that we both packed up the bikes and rolled out of the carpark and headed onwards.

We had picked a little camping spot just 75km up the road from Merida in the gorgeous little town of Izamal. We had only had a flying visit there previously and Chantelle didn’t get to see much of it from the back of the ambulance.

C – I was super excited to be getting back on Rosie again. When we started her up I could hear a knocking noise coming from the clutch side of the engine which was definitely not there before. Todd had said that her clutch had been slipping when he rode her back from Merida, so it appears that we will have to do some investigation into this.


T – The ride was pretty easy but it did take us a fair while to break free of miles long traffic jams in the centre of Merida. Soon though we were screaming along at our slow speed of 65km/hr down the smooth shoulder of a highway.

We made pretty quick time on our ride and soon we were pulling into our camp for the night. We plan on just doing some light riding for a bit as there is a new piston for Mabel on its way down from the USA and it should take 3-4 weeks to reach us in Tulum.


C – The ride was relatively boring, but man it felt so good to be on Rosie again. I felt pretty good physically, but I was glad we hadn’t picked somewhere further up the road for my first day back on the bike. I was keen for a stretch and a rest by the time we arrived.

I had picked the camp as I was SOOOOO keen to sleep in my sleeping bag again.

T – The camp was nice enough even though it was maybe a little on the pricey side of $100MEX each not including wifi or power.

We setup camp and abandoning the bikes for the day we walked into the centro historic and had a butchers hook at some of the lovely old colonial buildings. Every building in the centro was painted the same hue of yellow with white trim. It looked quite fantastic. So many people stopped to say hello to us or just waved as they scooted by. What a friendly little place.

dsc07950 dsc07951 dsc07954

C – We wandered through the large cathedral and convent in the centre of town, with Todd finding himself an apparently very satisfying icecream. One of the flavours had real chunks of cake in it and Todd’s obvious delight had me regretting not getting one!


dsc07964 dsc07955 dsc07966

T – We poked around a little and made our way to a large Mayan pyramid in the centre of town. It was free to enter and we could climb right to the top which offered up some incredible 360 degree views over the town and out into the country side. The Yucatan is incredibly flat and from the top of the pyramid we could see for miles and miles!

dsc07970 dsc07971 dsc07974 dsc07975

We wandered from here to a supermarket where we bought some bits and pieces for dinner and a much much much needed cold beer! We wandered back to our camp where we set up the chairs and as the sun prepared to set we drank the beer and scoffed on chips.

dsc07981 dsc07980

Not long after, Ed rolled into camp and we sat around sharing some food and chatting into the night until the cold and the settling dew drove us into our tents.

Tomorrow we might head for Chichen Itza, or stay another day and do some bike maintenance.

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4 thoughts on “Yellow isn’t just for mustard

  1. Jax

    Wow – someone got a deal on the yellow paint!

    • tncpowell

      Looks good though right?

      • Jax

        Have you every changed the nappy of a newborn?

        • tncpowell

          I just threw up a little reading that! Never have NEVER will!

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