Get that sucker outta there! But let me go vomit first…

C – Well, it has been a rather quiet few days, with me just resting up and sending healing vibes to my abdo muscles and side!

I was getting used to carrying around a little drainage baggy with me everywhere I went, but I was very much looking forward to getting it removed. It is so weird to have a foreign object lodged in your body like that. I was perfectly ok looking at the scar, swelling and bruising, but looking at where the drain came out of my skin was creepy indeed!

Despite my eagerness to have the drain removed, I was anxious about this as well. When I was 16, I had surgery on my legs and had a drain in each one – I remember the excruciating pain I was whilst the nurse removed one, then the other. I was expecting this removal to be just as painful.

We arrived at the surgeon’s office on Saturday and she inspected by little baggy, declaring it fit to be removed. She seemed pretty happy with the recovery progress, but all I could do was whisper to her that I was scared about her removing the drain. She gave me a confused look and said ‘no, it won’t hurt at all’. I wasn’t convinced so I made Todd came right over to the bed and hold my hand, whilst I tightly shut my eyes and held one arm over my eyes (because, you know, if I couldn’t actually see the doctor she couldn’t see me and it wouldn’t hurt at all?!?!? Right?). Before I knew it there was a slight tugging sensation and it was done. All out, all over… but not before Todd nearly fainted. He was completely blown away by the length of the drain, citing it as about 15cms that came out from inside my side. Wowsers!!!

T – It was so gross. My stomach was doing loop-de-loops for the next hour. For me the worst part was the sucking sound as it came out. Ugh, in fact talking about it makes me gag. STOP TALKING TO ME ABOUT IT!!!!!!

I couldn’t believe how long it was, the thing just kept on coming out. It must have been lodged right up against Chantelles brain I am sure!

C – I felt pretty good after this, free at last from my constant companion, and we wandered over to the mall to enjoy a barista coffee.

Sunday saw us leaving our fancy pants hotel and moving into the centro historico. We had stayed at the expensive hotel opposite the hospital to ensure that I was in a clean zone to prevent any infection from my open wound. Now the drain was removed and we were confident that a quick trip to the hospital wouldn’t be required, it was time to move somewhere a bit cheaper.



I decided not to risk riding my bike there, so caught a taxi whilst Todd rode Rosie. I then hung about reading whilst Todd taxi’d back and rode Mabel into the new hotel.

T – Oh my, it felt great to be back on the bike! I was absolutely loving it! Even if it was just riding the busy roads of the inner city!

C – We went in search of some lunch and stumbled across lots of cheap food stalls and activities happening in the square. There was a festival happening for Revolution Day! We enjoyed a cheap lunch of torta de cochinita and then went to rest in the hotel.

img_6158 img_6159 img_6160

We waited for dark and then ventured back into the square, where the festivities were in full swing! Food stalls, markets and live music were everywhere, with what appeared to be most of Merida’s population out and about.

dsc07904 dsc07907 dsc07906

The night was really about soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying some good Mexican food. After way too many churros, we decided it was time to call it a night. That’s when we saw one of the streets had been closed to traffic and the whole street had been taken over by locals dancing to a live band. It was truly amazing! So we ventured in and had a very careful dance, whilst smiling and laughing along with all the locals. Brilliant!

dsc07899 dsc07901 dsc07908 dsc07907

I have another appointment with the surgeon tomorrow and hopefully the stitches will come out! We have booked into the hotel until Saturday and will just play it day by day as to when we will move on. Neither of us are in a hurry to leave Mexico!

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  1. Jax

    Flash mob dancing in the streets!

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