Are we the most boring people you know?!

Sorry about the lack of updates, but there really is not much to write about at the moment. Chantelle is on the mend but we are pretty well confined to our hotel room until the doctor takes out the drain from her side. We both probably needed to stop and rest anyway as we have put in some serious hours of sleep!

Hopefully the drain comes out on Saturday and we will likely move from our hotel to one in the centro historic. Where we currently are there isn’t too much close by within walking distance, except for a Chilis, a Burger King and a shopping mall!


The bikes appear to be ok, just a little bit bent in the front ends. Unfortunately theres not too much I can really do about at this stage. I suspect Rosie has slightly bent forks and bars, and Mabel has bent bars and bent crash bars. We shall ride them like this until the end!

Once Chantelle feels fit enough, and if the doctor says she can ride, we will head for Chichen Itza and then across to a seaside fort called Tulum before dropping down into Belize. Mabel is going to get a new piston and bore sent to Tulum so she will be a happy little cupcake for the rest of the journey south!



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