Gimme food!

C – Well, I couldnt even face breakfast this morning. Todd was keen though, so we found a little cafe where he could devour some hotcakes whilst I enjoyed a coffee.



I had read about a municipal mercado here that was rather large, so we went in search. It wasnt too long before we stumbled on it and man, it was massive! We weaved through the crowds to check out fruit and vegetables, meat, food stalls, shoes, clothes, electronics accessory.. You name it, it was there!


After a few hours, we were both in need of a rest and headed back to the hotel for some recuperation.

By mid-afternoon I was finally feeling hungry so back to the market we went to try out one of the little food stall. Again, we enjoyed one delicious torta!


As we were strolling along, checking out streets we hadnt walked before, an older Mexican man asked us if we were from Germany, because Todd is tall. Anyway, we got chatting to him and whilst he is retired now, he was a professor specialising in Maya culture. It was a wonderful conversation, with him taking us a Maya market and explaining lots about the architecture and design of Merida. The city is actually built on an old Maya village, with the stones of the original Maya buildings used to build the cathedral and numerous other buildings after the Spanish arrived. He left at us the Maya market – it was really lovely to meet him and wonderful of him to pass on some of his knowledge to us.

It wasnt long before it was time for dinner and again exhausted, we ventured back to the hotel for an early night.


Tomorrow we plan to head to Progresso on the coast and check out the ocean once more!

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