The rain washed the dirt off of my nuts….on Mabels bolts.

C – After a cheery and disjointed (because of our poor Espanol) conservation with the lady motel manager, we hit the road. We had decided to aim for Campeche today, an old walled city on the Gulf of Mexico coast. We were both excited at the thought of seeing the ocean again!

It was only a short ride to the town of Champoton, where we got our first glimpse of the sea. We rode through the busy streets of downtown and out onto the coast road, where our grumbling tummies forced us to stop at a small roadside cafe selling very yummy trancas (a big torta!). Although we would have loved to devour one each, we opted for the sensible option of sharing one – it was huge and half was very satisfying!!

After a quick whizz around the main square, we checked out the waterfront further north, where the local fisherman had their boats moored and their catch for sale. It wasnt long before we were back on the road and heading north


We headed out of town and followed the signs for the libre road, making sure we didn’t get on the cuota (toll) road. The ride was relatively uneventful, with us sitting on the shoulder of a somewhat busy divided highway.

We sailed through a few small pueblos and with very sore bums (we dont know, it was really just a short ride!) we were off the highway and cruising into the centro historico, behind a very old and grand wall.

With assistance from a very helpful book we have about finding hotels in Mexico (thanks Rick!!!) we landed a fantastic hotel right on the main square for an even better price.

dsc07851 dsc07842 dsc07843

After showering, it was straight out to check out the city. We wandered the square and then what I can confidently say was every single calle (street) in existence inside the wall. Campeche is a very scenic city, with each calle lined with brightly coloured buildings. Beautiful!

dsc07835 dsc07820 dsc07828 dsc07845 dsc07847

Exhausted, we fell into bed with a rough plan to make it Merida tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “The rain washed the dirt off of my nuts….on Mabels bolts.

  1. Jax

    I love that old church butted up against the yellow and white building.

    • tncpowell

      Isnt it gorgeous. Every town here has an old cathedral. The one in the city we are currently in was made with stone plundered from the old Mayan pyramid that used to be here. Some of the stone blocks in the walls have the old carvings still on them

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