Off with his/her/their head/s!

T – The town we stayed in last night was a bit of a dive. We wandered out for some dinner but the vibe of the place left me in no doubt that this was not a town to be wandering at night. A typical border town I am sure.

We were up pretty early as the room had no sound proofing and the rumbling of trucks and cars past the windows did not lend itself to a sleep in.

Once the girls were packed we rode out of there. Our breakfast consisted of a yoghurt drink while sitting on a kerb in front of several groups of staring men. I wasn’t happy here in this place and soon we were back on the road.

The ride was nice enough. The road was a bit rough in places which had us swerving back and forth to miss giant potholes, broken topes, and the odd 6 inch wide crack. The traffic was a little hairy with crazy taxi and collectivo drivers passing all and sundry in the most insane of places. Blind corner? Crest? No worries, just pull out and go for it. Nutters!


We wanted to check out the Mayan ruins at a place called Bomanpak. We had read about paintings inside the temples of beheadings, and still beating heart removals! Gory! We had to catch a taxi to the actual site as visitors cannot drive themselves in. Upon our drop off we were told by the driver to be back at the parking lot in one hour.

C – I was really excited to see these ruins and it was lovely to get there and see how quiet it was! I was interested to see the artwork, as the other ruins we had visited didnt have any of the artwork remaining.

dsc00580 dsc00584 dsc00589

T – The ruins were quite spectacular. Again there wasn’t too much of a crowd and that meant we could clamber around and soak it all in with relative peace and quiet. Except for the howls and hoots of distant howler monkeys! We made a beeline for the painted temples but alas the one showing all the gruesome stuff was closed to the public for renovations. Oh well.

dsc07752 dsc07753 dsc00592

C – It was disappointing to miss the room with the gruesome artwork, but the ruins themselves were beautiful and it is pleasing to see that they are being restored.

dsc07749 dsc07757 dsc07766 dsc07759

T – We poked around and climbed to the top of the pyramids before heading back to our taxi.

From the ruins it was a run straight up the highway to Palenque. There is another set of ruins there that we were keen to check out in the morning. By the time we arrived in town in the afternoon we were both sweating buckets and looking forward to a shower and some food!

dsc07770 dsc07747

We just milled around for the rest of the evening before returning to our room laden with cakes and snacks. Tomorrow we shall head to the ruins and then onwards towards the Yucatan.

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