Road? What road?!

C – Another blissful night of camping! We packed up quite quickly this morning and again, we were on the road by 8.30. We knew we had to climb back up the 1000mt of elevation and figured it would be quite slow.

Surprisingly, the trucks were getting up slower than us, so we had some overtaking fun again! In no time, we were back in Comitan and we turned south.

The road was relatively quiet and it was no time before we pulling over to put on extra layers. It was cold at these elevations and with a breeze blowing, it was time to add in the thermal layers and put on the wet weather pants for warmth!


We witnessed a lot of rock falls and land slides, and a lot of sections where the road had simply collapsed and fallen to some depths below.

Slowly, we rode down, down, down, back to below 200mts in elevation. We witnessed the changing of the vegetation, as the green became even more vibrant and the pine trees gave way to proper jungle. It was lovely to see this tropical jungle again, and feel the stickiness in the warm air.

dsc00576 dsc07738 dsc07739

We passed through two military checkpoints beforing turning off onto the rural road. This has to be one of my favourite roads so far in Mexico. It was devoid of traffic for most it, and took us through very small villages and rural farming land. The road was in bad condition, with many sections just hardened mud and nothing but potholes. But it was so beautiful!

dsc07742 dsc07743 dsc07736

Eventually, we reached the border town of Benemerito de las Americas. The town wasnt particularly appealing, but we had both had enough for the day and were not entirely sure how far the next town was. So we found a hotel, had some dinner and then chilled out for the evening.

Tomorrow, I am keen to visit some not-so-touristy ruins at Bonampak on our way to Palenque.

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