Back to camping!

C – After a ridiculously cheap and amazing breakfast, we picked up some groceries and our now clean laundry. We headed back to the hotel to pack the bikes and hit the road.

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T – We spent a little bit of time sitting on the steps of the cathedral in the main square and just people watched. It was really cool and we got a few laughs as tourists were trapped by groups of small kids selling their knick knacks! Nearly every tourist we saw ended up buying something before they scurried into the safety of the church doors clutching at their newly purchased doodahs.

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C – It was about 12.30 before we got on the road today, but we didn’t have far to go. Michelle and Adam had told us about an app called ‘iOverlander’ and we had found that there was a campsite right near the Tonina ruins.


T – What a great app! We have become a bit soft with the camping stuff. Hotels have been cheap enough for us to use every night, but we are both really missing the camping side of our trip and this app will get us back into it easily!

C – We left San Cristobal with mixed feelings – it was nice to be on the road again, but it was sad to leave.. Just a beautiful place.

T – San Cristobal is a gorgeous little city and I can see how it would be easy to just stay there forever. It has such a relaxed atmosphere and every night there seems to be something happening in the square. The city is full of music and smiles and it is a very special place.

C – Today we gave in to the rain gods and donned our wet weather pants before we even left the hotel. And thankfully we did, as although it didn’t really rain, we rode through the clouds for much of the ride which was very damp indeed!


We wound up and down in elevation, driving over only about a bazillion topes. At one point, we reminisced about the days we could drive over a tope without groaning.

Eventually, we wound down to under 1000mts and we stopped briefly in Ocosingo to search for vino tinto – red wine! It had been quite a cold ride and we were both keen on warming up!

dsc07613 dsc07614

Our camp was only 10km from town, and so in no time at all we arrived. For a measly $50 pesos each, we have a lovely little camp site under a palapa to protect us from the rain which we can see all around us.

dsc07616 dsc07611 dsc07619

Tomorrow, we plan to check out the Tonina ruins and then head to El Chiflon waterfall, near the Guatemalan border. We wont be crossing just yet though – too much of Chiapas and Yucatan to see yet!

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