Where has the sunshine gone?

C – We had decided to visit the Mayan villages of Tenejapa and San Juan Chamul today, regardless of what the weather threw at us.

We ventured out to find breakfast, and found a lovely little courtyard cafe which served us lovely scrambled eggs with chorizo and coffee.

T – Good coffee. Amazing eggs! The serving size was massive too which is always a winner in my book!


C – By the time we had finished breakfast, it was obvious the day was not going to clear and we were set to ride to Tenejapa in grey clouds and drizzle. Nevertheless, we were defiant and refused to put on our wet weather. Which clearly the rain gods took as a challenge!

Within 10kms, we were pulled over on the road side, giving the local children a display in putting on wet weather gain in the rain. The cloud descended on the road and we spent quite a bit of time riding around the twisty mountain side with very poor visibility. There was definitly an unexpected tope or two!


T – It was bloody freezing! The slight wind from our very slow speed riding was managing to whistle its way right up my kilt! Every extremity of my body was shrivelling and coiling up on itself so fast! But we had our wet weather gear which is very helpful in just funnel all the cold wet water into our crotch areas. Very unpleasant!

C – Tenejapa is set in a little valley and as we glided down into the valley, we came out of the cloud and the drizzle. It was obvious it had rained quite a bit there, with the roads running with water. We spent some time riding around the town, checking out the town square and the cathedral also. We dont have any photos as we were determined to be respectful of the Mayan culture. We were lucky enough to see many of the locals wandering the town in their traditional dress, which is so bright and colourful.


After a wet, cold ride back to San Cristobal, we ventured to the much closer and more touristed San Juan Chamul, which is popular due to its unique cathedral. After finding a spot to park, we again provided much entertainment for some locals, who spent some time simply standing and watching us.


We paid our entrance fee and ventured into the cathedral, after being told numerous times that no photos are allowed. The cathedral floor is covered in pine needles and there were many locals praying by lit candles in front of alters. It was really beautiful inside.


We had received a message from a couple, Michelle and Adam, who were also in San Cristobal, so we arrived to meet them for dinner.

It was such a pleasant evening, interacting with two bright and positive bikers, who were venturing from their home town of Las Vegas to Ushuaia. We chatted the night away until it was time to hit the sack!

T – I really enjoyed catching up with these guys. They were so excited and passionate about what they were doing on this trip.


C – Tomorrow, we shall aim for the Tonina ruins near Ocosingo, where their is a campground right near the entrance.

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