Marching on

T – We had arranged to meet up for breakfast with an English chap who we knew was here in the city. Some guy called Ed March.

dsc07547 dsc07548

It wasn’t long and we were soon chatting up a storm while I devoured my chocolate cake, yes I had that for breakfast. Time soon disappeared and it wasn’t long before lunch time was upon us. Ed recommended a great little Thai place that did some amazing curry and so of we all set.

dsc07550 dsc07552

We chatted a little more and after stuffing our faces with some incredible Thai food, sounds like we are cheating by not eating Mexican I know, we ambled off to the pub for a few beers. It was great to chat to Ed about riding the globe.but I have to admit it was also nice to be able to chat about things other than the trip. We talked about all kinds of things, some we had differing views on and some just for laughs.


It was a great day full of laughs and conversation and at the end of it we shared some really not terribly nice cakes before shaking hands and heading our separate ways. Hopefully we will get a chance to catch up again over the course of the next leg of the trip and we both would love to meet Rach as well if we cross paths with her.

Tomorrow we are going to visit a couple of museums and probably just do a heap of walking.

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