Man flu is worse than child birth……..

T – Nothing much to write about today. We spent a little time wandering some back alleys and checking out some of the local markets. There’s always so much colour and life in these little markets. I love it!

dsc07475 dsc07474

C – We devoured a very yummy breakfast at a local cafe, for the grand sum of $2 each. The markets were lively and bustling, with so many flowers being sold – bright colours and pleasant (and unpleasant) odours were in the air and it was fun to walk amongst the bustling bodies.


Todd really needed to rest though, so mid-morning we ventured back to the hotel so he rest up.


T – Then we spent much of the day lounging around and relaxing. I even enjoyed a mid day nap which is a very unusual thing for me!

We went out for some shopping, donuts and bananas, and managed to find ourselves some mexico flag stickers for our bikes! Now I just need a patch for my jacket!

Then it was out and about for dinner where I found a place that served my favourite dish, chicken mole. Mmm mm.

dsc07479 dsc07480

C – After a dinner we wandered through the square, which was quite busy with vendors and street performers. Then it was time for bed!

T – Tomorrow we are going to go and check out a local zoo. Now normally I don’t like zoos, at all, but this one is supposed to be excellently done and comes highly recommended through Lonely Planet. So we shall see. After which we are going to meander just 80 km’s up the road to San Cristobal.

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2 thoughts on “Man flu is worse than child birth……..

  1. Brenda K

    LOL If you think “manflu” is worse than child birth hope you never pass a kidney stone you will think you’re dying lol. In all seriousness hope you feel well soon.

    • tncpowell

      Haha. Its an old running joke! I really do not want to pass kidney stones! EVER!!!!!!!! I am feeling much better though now! I still blame the tequila!

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