Well blow me down with a feather, or a wind turbine.

T – We took advantage of the laundry service at our hotel. For $4 they washed dried and folded all of our very stinky and dirty clothes for us! Poor buggers. I feel sorry for the person that was ‘volunteered’ for that job!

We got away late today, as is becoming our custom now, and headed back out into the windfarms. The wind this morning was brutal and we wobbled and weaved down the shoulder of the highway while trucks blasted past us. It was quite funny riding behind Chantelle as she looked like a drunk person trying to ride down the ride!


C – Riding in this strong, strong wind was just no fun at all, poor Rosie is pretty light in the scheme of things and we get shoved and pushed in all directions by buffeting winds. It was unpleasant getting overtaken by the bigger trucks this morning, with the buffeting increasing just as they passed us.


dsc07443 dsc07444

Despite riding in the wind, it was magnificent to see this massive wind farm is. I must admit I do not really know what I expected of Mexico, but for some reason a massive wind farm was not in my expectations! It has been wonderful to see so many wind farms of this scale on our trip so far.

T – We saw a very sad thing happen today on this part of the road. There were a few cows on the side of the road at one point and a large calf had wandered into the road and was standing on the centre line. We and all the cars around us slowed down as we went past so we didnt spook the calf and cause it to run into oncoming traffic. However the absolute dick head who zipped past us heading the opposite way didn’t. The calf was spooked and turned and ran away and straight into the front of a semi trailer. The little thing went under the truck.

We were horrified. What and absolute asshole. There was no need for the driver of the car to drive like that. If he had of just slowed down and waited a minute the calf would have probably just stood where it was until the traffic passed by. We were so mad. It seemed to be such a senseless thing, and for what? That cow was someones livelihood. Disgusting.

C – It was so ridiculously avoidable. The truck was already moving quite slowly, but surely people who reside in rural areas understand that if two vehicles pass an animal on either side, effectively trapping it, it will run and hit one of the vehicles. Common sense. I couldn’t believe that neither the truck behind us, nor the guy going in the opposite direction, considered the calf to be a hazard on the road. And really, despite what your individual opinions are on the value of life of animals, needlessly killing someones livelihood is just not ok. These cows were in very good condition and obviously belonged to one of the farms along that stretch of road. I was so saddened by this.. I have been dreading the day that I have to witness an inconsiderate driver hitting one of the millions of stray dogs here.

T – We rode along in silence for a while after that.

dsc07449 dsc07451

Soon we branched off of the main highway and took the free road that was much quieter. It wound up into the mountains that we had been riding behind and with the height came some nice coolness and some respite from the relentless winds of the plains.

dsc07450 dsc07452

C – As we climbed into the mountains, came the corners… and who doesn’t love twisties! We were whizzing (as much as one can ‘whizz’ on a postie bike) left, right, left, right.. what fun!!!  We were giggling along as each corner our panniers came closer to kissing the ground.

dsc07453 dsc07455

T – We warily watched some big dark clouds forming up ahead of us and when the first few spots of rain came down we both refused to admit it was raining and therefore not put on our wet weather gear. A very dangerous game right?


In the end we rolled into the town of Tuxtla Gutierrez without being rained on too much and soon we were ensconced into our nice little room with our bikes locked away in the courtyard out the back!

dsc07462 dsc07463 dsc07464

We are going to rest up here for a day or two. I have some stupid flu thing that won’t go away and we are both a little fatigued. There’s quite a few places to explore in the local area so we may do some slow moving over the next few days.

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2 thoughts on “Well blow me down with a feather, or a wind turbine.

  1. Jax

    Apparently, once you get to Argentina, you long for the light breeze of Mexico.

    • tncpowell

      We do hear that it gets very breezy down that way!

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