What do you mean toll roads?

T – It absolutely bucketed down last night! Our tent was drenched and there was huge puddles everywhere outside. We packed up and set our sights on Veracruz.  It was only 150 odd k’s away so it should make for an easy ride.


And it was. Within 3 hours we were pulling into the crazy mad bustling streets of the port city. We were whisked along with the flow of buses, trucks, taxis and cars. It was pure mayhem! Sometimes there was three lanes when there should have been two, sometimes it squeezed out to four lanes. Taxis pushed each other and us out of the way, usually into the path of other cars or buses. We got the hell out of there quick smart!!!

C – Veracruz was really as expected – A bustling city that has a very large working port. As we drove in, we saw mountains and mountains of containers ready for shipping and big cargo ships everywhere. The city had a gritty feel to it and we both quickly decided not to stay here. It was only lunch time and too early to stop.

dsc07428 dsc07413

T – After a very fast tour of Veracruzs water front we raced for the outskirts of the city. We both missed the small quiet country towns. The GPS for some reason soon had us heading for the gates of a toll road. No GPS this isn’t where we want to be! So we looped back and found a smaller highway and continued on our way. We made it to a town called Tierra Blanca where we found a ‘love’ motel for the night.

dsc07416 dsc07418

Not too many photos today as we were just stuck on busy roads all day! We have decided to move away from the coast now as it was crazily expensive and instead will take an inland route around to Palenque and up into the Yucatan.

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2 thoughts on “What do you mean toll roads?

  1. Jax

    Yucatan!!! Now I really do have to stop reading!!!

    • tncpowell

      Oh yes! Maya ruins!!

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