Stick your fingers in the air

T – After a very decent nights sleep in a very large bed we packed up late and headed on out of town. Our destination today was a city down on the south called Juchitan De Zaragoza.

It was a day of quiet highways for us. Our GPS’s maps seem so unreliable here that we are a little reluctant to take the ‘backtracks’ as we seem to always run into dead ends! But thankfully we had a fairly pleasant, if uneventful meander southwards.

dsc00510 dsc00511

The road was full of curves and dips and was in pretty good shape. We passed through a few small villages where there seemed to be a lot of men lounging around in the shade and watching us. In fact I have found that the men in this part of Mexico openly stare at us. It is becoming quite unnerving actually and I am going to learn how to say ‘Excuse me but it is quite rude to stare’. The women on the other hand don’t seem to pay us much mind at all.


dsc07434 dsc07431

The scenery today changed from thick tropical jungle to much more of the scrubby stuff as we rode south. The smaller villages gave way to bigger and bigger ones and the traffic started to build.


Then we popped out of a cut through a hillside and we were greeted by the site of hundreds and hundreds of wind turbines. As far as we could see in all directions. These things spun away silently. It was quite a sight and totally unexpected!

dsc07439 dsc07438

Once we were down onto the open plain on which all the turbines were installed it became apparent why they were put there. We spent the next 30 minutes battling against incredibly strong side winds as we rode into our destination for the day.

dsc07437 dsc00516

We managed to score a gorgeous little hotel for the night that had locked gates and secure parking for our bikes.

Tomorrow we head eastwards where we think we will stop and have a day off of the bikes. Both of us are feeling a little tired and could do with a break.

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