Mmmmmm, exhaust fumes

T – After yesterdays amazing ride we knew today wouldn’t be anywhere near as exciting. It would be hard to top it really! We had our route planned that would take us through to the Gulf of Mexico where we both had high hopes of camping on the beach.

C – Our real goal here was to skirt around Mexico City… both of us are keen to avoid accidently ending up in the middle of chaotic traffic there!!

T – We followed the highway out of town and surprisingly the road started of bending and skating back and forth as it wound down off of the mountains. Even though there was a bit of traffic we managed to get away from it for short stints which meant we could really get the bikes leaning over. It was great fun and we both were grinning like morons!

dsc07414 dsc00501

We passed through a few villages. Each one colourful and lively and our little bikes got a heap of attention. This is a very picturesque part of the world and we were really enjoying it.

C – We decided to stop for some lunch in one of the larger villages, so we visited a grocery store and emerged with bananas, fresh rolls and Todds new favourite Mexican treat – Pinguiinos. We enjoyed sitting on the kerb at the grocery store, watching masses and masses of traffic slowly drift past. We also managed to provide entertainment for a lot of people!


T – We hit the edge of quite a large town and then we were spat out onto another major highway which took us straight to the coast. Yay! We caught our first glimpses of the Gulf through gaps in buildings. The whole coast here was built up. Heaps of hotels and houses almost blocked the entire beach from the road.

C – As we glimpsed the ocean we saw the dark coloured sand and the roughness of the ocean. The swell and waves stirred up the silt and sand and the ocean was a very uninviting greenish/brown. Still, it was the ocean and we always enjoy that first hit of sticky, salty air that licks at your skin as you near the coast.

T – We spied a few hotels that advertised camping in the town of Casitas so we wandered in to check them out. And left rather quickly after being told it was $AUD20 for the night to pitch our tent!! WOW. No thankyou! We continued our search and finally found a place that would let us camp for $AUD10. The water was dark and rough and thunder heads were building up in the distance. We set the tent up as the wind started up.

C – I was excited to be spending the night in the tent. The tent now feels like ‘home’ and I have been missing it staying in so many hotels.

dsc07421 dsc07420

T – Then it was time to chill out before dinner. As we got back from dinner the rain started to come down and there was lightning and thunder crashing all around. We picked a good night for camping! So we lay in the tent and watch Everyone Loves Raymond(will this show ever end) until the battery in the laptop gave out.

Tomorrow we are heading for Veracruz.

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2 thoughts on “Mmmmmm, exhaust fumes

  1. Jax

    It feels like you are rushing thru Mexico? Are u getting destination fixation?

    • tncpowell

      Not really. We are taking our time. There is big distances between the stuff we want to see though. We both like riding and moving!

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