I want my mummies

T – Off to Guanajuato today. Neither of us slept well so we are both keen to stay in a quiet hotel somewhere tucked away. And it just so happens we found it! Even if it cost us a whole days budget it is still worth it!

The ride into Guanajuato was pretty uneventful. Our GPS did a sterling job of navigating us through miles of tunnels and one way, narrow alleys and bought us right to the door of the Hotel Casa Del Sol. The bonus of this hotel is that it is at the end of a dead end alley, and about 50 meters from centro! Very happy!

dsc00477 dsc00474 dsc07269

We were a bit early to check in to our room but the hotel was happy to store our gear and park our bikes, so we wandered off in search of some tunnels to walk through, and the mummy museum.

dsc07261 dsc07262 dsc07260

We wandered past a myriad of food stalls selling anything from chocolate skulls to tacos and hamburgers. The crowded streets were swollen with people but in a good way. Everyone was smiling and seemed happy. It gave the city a beautiful vibrancy and we soaked it all in.

dsc07267 dsc00489

We found a stair case leading into the dark damp depths of the earth and so we descended down it to see what was on offer. We popped out into the middle of a lengthy tunnel that must have been ancient. There were massive brick arches and bricked ceilings galore! I loved it!!!

dsc00473 dsc07272 dsc07279

We followed the tunnels along for a while until the smell of car exhaust became too much and we climbed back up onto the streets just blocks away from the museum. There was quite the line to get in so we joined onto the tail end of it.

Once inside we watched a short video in Spanish on how the mummies came to be, well we think thats what it was, before we headed into the museum proper. There were mummies lined up down the sides of the passage way. They were both morbid and incredible. Some fully dressed in suits still and some completely naked. They were in amazing shape with many of them still having hair and dried up eyes. I enjoyed trying to capture some Walking Dead style shots of them.

dsc07290 dsc07289 dsc07296 dsc07298

Then we wandered back to our hotel and checked in. I needed a shower and a rest. I feel better today but have very little energy.


After a few hours lounging about we went back into the city for some dinner and a wander down the streets. Boy was it crowded now! The streets were full to bursting with crowds. We spent most of our time walking on the street, dodging busses and motorcycles. So awesome! I love this place!

dsc07315 dsc07314 dsc07320 dsc07322

Our dinner tonight was pretty boring. Chicken burgers and chips. I need something plain and boring in my tum today.

Then it was back to hotel. I am buggered and am feeling quite out of breathe. Stupid man flu.

dsc07323 dsc07325

We have planned a route that will take us from here across some mountainous areas full of winding roads and down to the east coast over the next three days or so.


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2 thoughts on “I want my mummies

  1. sounds AMAZING wish i was there as well
    those mummies were creepily cool
    hope i see you soon XXX

    • tncpowell

      Hi Bailee! Yes the mummies were terribly creepy! But so cool!!! Love Aunty Channy and Todd

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