We came, we saw, one of us vomited….

T – Another short entry today. We packed up our bikes at the early hour of 830am, and headed out of town and on towards Guanajuato. The hotel we stayed in last night was really funky and some of the artwork adorning the walls was quite fun! Chantelle really liked the fat mermaid on the wall in the passage! Not that we got a photo of it!

We had picked a road with a few bends in it that would lead us down into Guanajuato but first we had to ride 200km’s to get to there. We basically ended up on another busy road and spent our time dodging stray dogs and cyclists.

C – We were a bit disappointed with sitting on a busy highway yet again, but were looking forward to the road later in the day, which the GPS promised us was full of twisties!


T – My poor tum has been feeling a bit unwell lately and I have been developing quite a nasty headache. I hope its nothing too serious!

We stopped at a gas station which had a convenience store attached. We were feeling a bit peckish so we bought ourselves some plain chippies and some biccies. Mmm mm. The lunch of champions!

As we were coming out of the store an unmarked white van pulled up next to the bikes and a police man got out and stood nearby, his finger resting on the trigger of the massive gun strapped to his chest! He watched us for a second before wandering off and standing in the middle of the car park. The driver of the van then started asking us a heap of questions. First it started with the usual, where are we from, where are we going, what types of bikes. Then he started asking about money. Chantelle and I immediately both got the heebie jeebies. He wanted to know how much we had spent, how much we had allowed etc etc. I down played it as much as possible even trying to joke my way out of it. It was very uncomfortable but they soon packed up and left.

Then another heap of police pulled into the parking lot. As we were finishing our food and talking about our weird interaction with the policeman suddenly he was back. He had circled back around the block and had parked up behind us. He came over and asked if he could take our photos before shaking our hands and leaving. It was weird, mainly so because not once did he smile or show any emotion. We felt the police were looking for something but clearly it wasn’t us.

C – The questioning from the policeman was a little weird, particularly given the other policeman didnt get back in the van, but stood behind our bikes, with his hand firmly on his gun. He really wanted to know who was funding our trip, like there should of been another answer that wasn’t ‘us’. It was all a bit weird and I felt really weird about him taking our picture with the bikes on his phone… anyway… it was definitely time to leave!

T – As we were packing up and getting ready to ride one of the gas attendants came over and repeated almost the exact same questions. He had been sent over by another policeman to speak to us because he could speak english. We decided it was time for us to leave.

On the way up the road we passed through several large police road blocks. I mean huge! Not once did they look at us or stop us though and we put our feelings of unease at the gas station down to paranoia.

C –  I have never seen so many police in one hour. It was incredible. The police seemed to be looking for something, with some pretty thorough searches of vehicles going on as we just sailed on by!

T – We finally made it to the windy road and followed it up the side of a mountain as it changed from bitumen to cobblestone. What a shaky rattly ride that was! I’m sure we will have a few loose bolts on the bikes after that!

dsc07237 dsc07239 dsc07244

C – The road wound itself back and forth, climbing about 600mtrs in elevation. We weaved our way around buses and through small pueblos, following two very full military vehicles all the way to the top.

dsc07246 dsc07249

T – At the top of the mountain there was a giant Jesus statue. So we decided to go up there as we figured there would be an amazing view out over the valley. Sure enough there was!

dsc07254 dsc07255

From there the road wound back down and into the city of Guanajuato. What a city. Even from a distance it looked amazing. Brightly coloured houses stacked on the hillsides surrounding the ancient parts of the city. Gorgeous!

We rode in hoping to find a cheap hotel. But there was a festival on and everything was booked solid. Unless we wanted to pay $20US to pitch a tent on a patch of concrete. No thanks! So we had a quick ride through the city, including riding through the incredible maze of old mining and drainage tunnels under the city, before heading back the way we had come to the small town of Silao.

C – The city was absolute chaos, with people, cars, police and buses going everywhere. It soon became clear we were not going to find a room. After learning that the festival was on its second last day, we figured we might be able to book a room for tomorrow night and come back tomorrow.


T – We found a cheap hotel with secure parking and called it a day. I wasn’t feeling too well and after a quick shower I was ready to sleep. Which was not to be unfortunately. I ended up making several trips to the toilet where I emptied my stomach numerous times before almost passing out in the shower. What a horrible night made even worse by being in this awful hotel. No seat on the toilet, the upstairs plumbing leaked and ran down our bathroom window making our room smell like stale urine and cockroaches came out in droves. A real dive. Spewing my guts up in a stinking room, into a seatless dirty toilet, with cockroaches running over my legs was not fun.

dsc07258 dsc07259

Tomorrow we shall try to find a hotel in Guanajuato that’s in our budget. It looks like an amazing place to walk around for a few hours.

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2 thoughts on “We came, we saw, one of us vomited….

  1. Jax

    You haven’t ridden till you’ve ridden up a mountain on cobblestones!
    D’ya still have fillings in your teeth?

    • tncpowell

      Haha. We are waiting for bits to start falling off of our girls now! There is so many cobbled streets here. There is something so special to be able to ride a hand built cobbled road that was constructed in the 1500’s!

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