Round the outside, round the outside

T – Not a very big post today. It was just a day of busy roads.


Today we said goodbye to Rick as our paths take us in different directions. We have had a blast hanging out with you Rick and hope we can stay in touch! Enjoy your ride and stay safe.

dsc07226 dsc07225

For us the journey continues on. I am keen to get to the Caribbean coast so we can start camping on the beach again. Today though we had picked a route that looked as though it may take us down some quiet back roads.

C – I was looking forward to some nice quiet back roads, after spending so much time on busy highways. We deliberately set our route to take in as many of minor roads as we could, whilst skirting around Lake Chappala.

It was sad to say goodbye to Rick, we have had such a blast hanging out with him! Take care Rick!!

T – We couldn’t have been further from the truth. The roads were jam packed full of traffic. Large slow moving trucks had us trapped while they spewed out thick black exhaust fumes. Most of the roads were dual lane divided highways and there was just tons of traffic. Still we plodded on. The beauty of Mexican traffic is that they are used to slow moving traffic on their roads which means we feel totally safe on the road.

dsc07227 dsc07229

We skirted past the lake which was choppy and murky. There was quite a wind today and the skies were very overcast.

C – The mood of the road was that of the sky.. grey. It wasn’t a particularly fun ride today and we were both eager to just make our destination. At one point, just before lunch, I was eager for a drink of water and a break off of the bike. We pulled off the road and I hit a deep pile of gravel, spectacularly dismounting in front of a taco stand. Lucky for me though, everyone saw and then spent the next 5 minutes starting at me. It was not exactly the break off of the bike I was hoping for.

We stopped in a small pueblo for lunch and were absolutely delighted to have a torta filled with carnita (slow cooked pork basically).. it was absolutely amazing!!


T – We set the GPS for our hotel. We didn’t have to far to go and soon enough we were there.

C – As we arrived at the hotel, Mabel decided she was completely done for the day. Todd put her on her centre stand, but nope, she wasn’t having a bar of it.. straight down she went and proceeded to sulk whilst Todd made her stand upright again.

T – It was a funky little hotel with bright colours on the outside and each room had its own large mural painted above the bed. Our room had a very stern looking Jesus looking down on us all night.

dsc07230 dsc07232

Tomorrow we head for Guanajato, around 250 km’s away. We have found some nice twisty back roads on Google Earth so we shall check them out.

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