One tequila…two tequila…uh oh here comes more

T – Today we were heading to the town of Tequila. To drink tequila. It wasn’t far and looked to be an easy ride. And it was! We followed the Moto Guzzi out of the city and soon we were on the right road to Tequila.


We had picked a hotel in the town centre and soon we were pulling up into the courtyard and parking our bikes for the day. Our ride today hit a grand total of 56 km’s! These long days are tough I tell ya.

C – The ride was uneventful, even the ride out of Guadalajara! The route we took was the Ruta de Tequila and soon we were passing tequila distilleries and some pueblos with lots of tourist stalls – selling all things tequila and some lovely pottery.


T – We unpacked and changed before wandering into town. There was a distillery nearby and we were keen to take a tour. Tequila has some neat little alleyways and colourful homes and shops lining them. So beautiful! The town square was really neat with a ring of shops surrounding it and park benches running up and down the centre.

dsc07157 dsc07156 dsc07160

We decided that it might be a good idea to eat some food before we tackled the distillery. So the three of us sat on a bench in the square and did some people watching while we lined our tummys with chips, biscuits, sodas and chocolate cake!

dsc07163 dsc07164

The tour was Jose Cuervos’ and is one of the oldest distillery’s of tequila. It wasn’t long into the tour before we were offered our first taste. Uncut tequila at 55% was just mean! Then the tastings continued. Always we were told to have more if we wanted it!

dsc07165 dsc07168 dsc07174

C – Whilst I am not really a tequila fan (one night of drinking cheap tequila, many years ago, has equalled a life of no more tequila drinking!!), the tour was really great. We saw the whole process and even tasted some of the oven baked agave.

dsc07179 dsc07181 dsc07184

After the first taste of the initial tequila, we got to taste a 6mth and 18mth aged tequila and finally, their finest white or silver tequila. The guide kept offering more and more! By this stage, I was already starting to feel ‘happy’.

dsc07188 dsc07196 dsc07200 dsc07201

T – Finally our tour ended with a proper tasting. It was just the three of us in the room with our guide which was pretty special! We really like hanging out with Rick and being able to share these moments with him! We were shown how to swirl the tequila, smell it and how to reset our nose and our palette. Very cool! We also drank alot. Nearly too much.

dsc07206 dsc07207 dsc07208 dsc07210 dsc07212 dsc07213

C – The final tasting consisted of the full four different times of tequila – and I can assure you, they were little sips in the bottom of a glass, but what you would expect on to be given on a paid wine tasting… thats a lot of tequila folks!!!! The guide also showed us the proper way to sip tequila – breathing in first, then breathing out after you swallow.

The final one of the four, the extra aged, was simply devine and I was surprised by how easy it was to drink! Apparently, when you drink ‘proper’ tequila, it is actually a sipping drink and quite lovely – like a fine whiskey!


T – We all left the distillery with a slight buzz on and re-entered the oddly tilted world. The tour was a blast and worth every cent.

Then it was back to the hotel and time to walk off the booze. After which I did some maintenance on the bikes. Rosie finally got her carby rebuild and Mabel got her intake valve adjusted.

C – After copious amounts of water and some more chips, it was siesta time for this little black duck!!!

dsc07218 dsc07217

T – We took it easy for the rest of the day which was nice. Last nights hotel was a bit noisey and I don’t think any of us slept to well.

Tomorrow we are heading around the southern part of Lagos de Chapala and skirting underneath the big city of Guadalajara.

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