What happened to the yellow bag?

T – Rick was our guide out of the city this morning. It looks to be an easy place to end up lost in if you are not careful. So many tiny one way streets that meander in all directions. Rick did a sterling job though and soon had us heading away from the city and into the country. He decided to try to ride at our speed today and happily sat behind us on the road at 65 km/hr.

C – It was fun to have Rick riding along at postie pace, but we did think at some point the Guzzi would ache to take flight. But he stuck with us and definitely seemed to enjoy the slow motion travel!

The morning passed in a blissful blear, with the girls just purring along, the air somewhat fresh and the sky beautiful and clear. The only disruption to this bliss was Todds singing… he made up several new songs along the way… none of them too pleasant on the ears I might add!!!


T – We passed through much farming land and the highway dwindled from dual lane divided to one lane each way. The road was so pretty and fairly quiet. We passed through some gorgeous little villages. Each one seeming to have a massive cathedral or two at its centre and the massive spires towered over them.


Rick had been told of a great little food stop in one of the towns along the way and we pulled in there to eat a heap of gorditas. The lady who was cooking them was so sweet and seemed genuinely happy that we were enjoying her cooking. The gorditas were freaking amazing! We had 8 of them between us and the cost was only 70 pesos. Just around $5.

dsc07144 dsc07145 dsc07149 dsc07151

We continued along the highway which soon became snakey and curvey as we got closer to Guadalajara. Mabel was on song, well downhill anyway, and she went screaming through the corners like a rocket. It was a lovely stretch of road and the air was filled with butterflies and the smells of a million blooming flowers. So good!

dsc00450 dsc07147


C – The twisties were indeed a lot of fun, made even more challenging by the game of find of the pothole, miss the topes and navigate the rough undulating surface.


T – When we got close to the city Rick again took over as navigator and into the mess of Mexican city traffic we went. It was a hell of an adrenaline rush! Cars pressing all around, seeming no lanes marked out, broken cars and trucks parked on the shoulders. We cut and dived and weaved into the traffic, our little posties working hard to keep up with the might Guzzi. So much fun and we were soon at our hotel and the bikes ticking and cooling in a secure parking compound for the night. They even have their own shotgun toting guard to watch over them.

C – Wowsers… boy I am glad that Rick navigated us into here!! It was all just a little bit chaotic and insane! It was so much less stressful to just play follow the leader rather than have to try to watch the traffic, the road and the GPS!

T – We wandered a few blocks after having showered and changed where we found some more tasty food. I had some amazing chicken mole, which is my favourite Mexican dish, followed by a egg custard desert.

dsc00456 dsc00454 dsc00458

Then it was a hike back to the hotel and ready for bed.

Tomorrow we are heading for Tequila but as yet haven’t planned on staying the night or not. We want to do a tequila distillery tour, obviously, so we may not be in a fit state to drive anyways!

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