Are they safe out there on their own?

T – So we had no real plans for today. Just that it might be nice to check out Zacatecas before we continued on our journey. We have been told just how amazing Zacatecas was and so our expectations were quite high!

We said goodbye to our Airbnb hosts who were just lovely. We were even given a little gift of a day of the dead skull printed on their 3D printer. We rode the total distance of about 6 kms into Zactecas’ main historic center. By the time we had made it part way in we both had decided we needed to spend the whole day and a night here. The place was incredible. So many narrow cobbled little alleyways running off in all directions. Some of the narrow streets climbed quite steeply and I definitely wouldn’t have wanted to ride on them in the wet!

dsc07026 dsc07027 dsc07029

We decided to check out a few hostels and hotels near to the centro part of the city. But all of the ones in our budget didn’t have off street parking. Every single hotel was absolutely adamant though that our bikes would be safe on the street over night. In the end we found a little hotel tucked away down an alley that dated back from 1500’s.

dsc07032 dsc07033 dsc07035

C – I certainly got some Espanol practice in, asking quite a few hotels for prices and the parking options. We were both uncertain about the parking situation, but with such a large police presence, decided to chance it and leave the girls parked on the street. They were parked in front of the 24hr reception, so that gave us some comfort.

I knew which hotel I wanted to stay in the minute I walked into the Casa Santo Domingo.. it was absolutely beautiful and I was amazed that it was in our price range!

T – What a hotel! It was right at the top end of our budget but it was worth every cent.



We chucked our stuff into the room and headed into town where we walked for a few hours up and down the streets. We poked our noses into the various shops and markets and ooh and ahhed over some beautiful leather boots.

dsc07051 dsc07054 dsc07053 dsc07057

After a filling lunch of gorditas and icecream we returned to our room for a rest. The amazing guy we had been catching up with, Rick, was due to arrive into Zacatecas today as well so we told him all about our hotel and that he should think about joining us there. Which he did!

dsc07070 dsc07090 dsc07092 dsc07099

The three of us had a great evening out in the city together looking at the sights and then wandered off to find dinner. Which again was tasty and cheap and plentiful. Plus I got to have another helping or three of icecream on the way back to the room.

dsc07109 dsc07106 dsc07117 dsc07126 dsc07133 dsc00442

C – It was such a wonderful day, just meandering through the old streets and checking out all the old buildings. Zacatecas was settled around 1546 so the architecture and street layouts are just beautiful.

dsc07104 dsc07105

T – Another great day! I am really enjoying hanging out with Rick and hope he doesn’t get too sick of us!

Tomorrow the three of us are heading towards Guadalajara. Its a fair hike so we may not go all the way.


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