Zac attack

C – After quite a nice lay in, we met Rick, Mark and Kate (the ADVRider couple we met last night) for breakfast at La Tostada and enjoyed a nice breakfast and chat fest before we all went our separate ways.

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After struggling to find a reasonable price hotel in Zacatecas centro historic, we booked an AirBnB just out of the centre, near Guadalupe. So, after waving ‘Adios’ to Rick at the hotel, we headed out towards our destination.


Once out of the city, the highway took us through agricultural land. We felt as though we could be riding through any farming land in any country.. it was familiar and beautiful.

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I had read about the small village of Sombrerete and was keen to stop in on our way past. We followed the signs and were soon in a mass of small alleyways with stone streets, with colours and people everywhere. It was a really beautiful and vibrant and I am sure had we not had something booked, we could of easily stayed the night and spent the day wandering the alleys. ‘Pueblo magico’ indeed!


T – Somberete was just beautiful. We had originally planned to stop here for the night instead of going to Durango. But now we had a place booked in Guadaloupe so we had to carry on. I really loved all the little single lane, one way alleys that crossed the older part of this town.

C – Back on the road, we stuck to the libre road, which cut away from the toll road and through quite a few small, bustling villages. Some were very industrial, others appearing to be in need of better times.

We went through a police checkpoint and were somewhat confused by the interaction. The policeman (with the big gun) asked us where we were from and after our response, just stared at us. After an uncomfortable period of time, he said ‘come on…. go’.. so that we did! A weird interaction!

T – It was weird. Especially as he just stared at us for what seemed an age.  But he had a really big gun and I wasn’t going to argue with that!


C – After some 270km, the road became busier as we entered the city. After accidently getting separated when Todd exited the freeway and I didnt, we managed to find our AirBnb.

Our hosts were super lovely, as was our room!


We spent the evening walking through the beautiful centre of Guadalupe, checking out the cathedral and the square.

dsc07001 dsc07002 dsc00433 dsc07013 dsc07019

Tomorrow, we shall check out Zacatecas and then look to head further south. We may stay the night if we feel the desire!

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