Happiness is….

T – It seems the parking lot for our hotel doubles as the local hang out spot for drunk locals who like listening to loud Mexican music from 3am through til 7 in the morning! Crazy! So we didnt get too much sleep last night. Never the less we both were up early and sat snuggled into the blankets in bed and watched a few episodes of Everyone Loves Raymond.

C – It was still pitch black outside and very, very chilly when we finally gave in to the sleep idea at 6.30am. We decided that we weren’t moving anywhere too soon, given the sun was yet to peak over the horizon, so I made tea and snuggled back into the blankets.

T – We packed up in the slightly chilly air outside and it wasn’t long before we had fuelled up our bikes and were on the road. We had decided to travel only as far as Durango today. We were keen to hang out with Rick whom we had first met on the ferry to Mazatlan.

C – As we were packing up the bikes, the last of the long standing drunkards drove off (yes, thats right – drove off in his pickup truck), leaving a trail of beer cans littered throughout the car park, which some poor employee had to come along and pick up. Terrible!!!


We had some giggles whilst we sitting in bed last night watching some tele – firstly, how did two Australians on posties bikes end up sitting in a hotel in a seedy Mexican town, where apparently the cartel are present. And secondly – just in the morning we were sweating in the humidity and then sleeping in thermals and three blankets!!!

One venture outside and we both decided it was time to leave on the thermals under our riding gear today! We could see fog settling over the valley as we packed up and it looked quite pretty, but as we rode out, we realised it was just diesel fumes and smoke from every ones fires!!!


dsc06879 dsc06882

T – The ride was pretty and we cruised along enjoying the scenery and the cool air. As we got closer to Durango the traffic began to increase and we saw some wild overtaking manoeuvres. One of them put the wind up us for sure with a bus missing us by mere inches!

dsc06888 dsc06893 dsc06895

In the end we sailed smoothly into Durango. A city we were almost going to bypass.  We followed our GPS which led us down narrow streets and one way alleys until we were in the centre of town. We struggled to locate our hotel and did quite a few laps of the block.

But we made it and soon our bikes were parked next to Ricks (mine really) and we were settling down into our room. What a lovely hotel! We rode our bikes straight through the entrance way and parked inside.dsc06896

We hooked up with Rick and headed off on foot to grab some food. Which as always was pretty damn great! Then we checked out a local car show and wandered up through a market and followed the crowd as we checked out one of the centers main streets. The architecture and colours here are so beautiful. I was totally transfixed by this place.

dsc06898 dsc06907 dsc06915 dsc06918 dsc06927

C – From the minute we rode into Durango, I was taken with the place. The centro area is just simply beautiful, with amazing architecture and a really wonderful feel to the place. So alive and vibrant!

dsc06930 dsc06937 dsc06926

T – After a break back at the room we wandered out again in search of more food and ended up back in the main street. Boy was it bustling! There was music and dancing and kids playing with inflatable rockets. It was so lively and fun and had such a great atmosphere. We sat and people watched as we ate dinner and I asked Rick all about his old job working in a nuclear power station. Man we meet some interesting people on this trip!

dsc06953 dsc06962 dsc06963 dsc06978 dsc06971 dsc06982

After dinner and an icecream we strolled through the plaza before heading back to the hotel. I had a message on ADVrider from another couple who were in town also and so we arranged to meet them too. We spent the next hour or so chatting to them before we called it a night.

C – By the time we got to our room we were both really taken with Durango. What a beautiful, wonderful, lovely city!!!

T – Tomorrow we head for Zacatecas. After breakfast of course! I really like Durango. It has such a great vibe and such a safe feeling. Probably my most favourite city ever!

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