Landed at Maza!

T – It is such a lovely feeling when you get to sleep on a boat. Well I think so anyway. The gentle swaying and the dull thrumming of the engines always help me to sleep soundly and deeply. Though I did wake up a few times when there was a particularly decent sway occasionally which had me worrying about the bikes. The place we had been directed to park in had no spots to tie down to so our bikes were just propped up on the centre stands and help in place by some mucky greasy water that dribbled across the floor under them. I had visions of them pirouetting quite elegantly across the slimy steel decks in the hold, bouncing off of other peoples cars and causing mayhem and destruction as they went. Either that or they would just be flopped over on their sides slaloming about in the greasy puddle of water. Just how Mabel likes it I suspect…

C – Such a wonderful, wonderful nights sleep! The room was a great temperature, the bed was super comfortable and I woke up still feeling exhausted, but much more alive!

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T – I wandered out onto the back decks and joined the handful of other people gathered out there and watched the sun rise over the water. It was absolutely spectacular and somehow I felt that this sunrise heralded a new beginning for us on this trip. I know it sounds weird but I didn’t feel as if I was in Mexico on the Baja. Now I felt like I was really heading for Mexico!

dsc06813 dsc06825

We spent a while chatting to another couple who had ridden down from Alaska. One of them was riding my all time favourite bike. An XT660Z Tenere. I had one and LOVED it, so I was quite keen to hear what she had to say about hers. It seemed that she didn’t enjoy it as much as me. The bike was too tall and too heavy for her for their trip. Which must suck?! I offered, half joking and half hoping, to swap Mabel for the Tenere, but she didn’t seem to find that such a great deal. I was only joking Mabel! I wouldn’t trade you in. Yet…..


C – It always lovely to meet to other travellers and we spent some time talking about everyones routes. Like us, most people really don’t know where they are going to head tomorrow, its all about focusing on today. And I love that so much, the focus on staying in the present and not looking forward or back.

T – As the ferry docked we all stood around waiting to get off. This is the most painful part of any trip. The waiting to disembark. Wether it be on a plane or a boat. Just let us off already!


Finally we were reunited with our upright bikes still in the same place we had left them. Phew. We said our farewells to the bikers we had met and hope to run into the as we head down the road over the next few weeks and months. Rick had a bike that I was quite taken with, after the Tenere and Mabel of course. It is a Moto Guzzi V7 and what a gorgeous machine it is! I will be following him on his trip over on ADVrider for sure!

dsc06832 dsc06833

We pushed our way into the line of trucks that were heading down the off ramp and soon we were free into the traffic of Mazatlan! We were in Mexico baby! Everything felt different. The pace was slower, the smells were incredible, the colours were a visual feast! Woohoo!

dsc06836 dsc06840 dsc06843

We couldn’t check in to our room until 3 so we busied ourselves by riding around the city centre, down little one way alleys and then north along the coast. It was damn hot here but it did cool off as we moved along the water a little.

C – It was exciting to ‘feel’ Mexico. As Todd said, the Baja seems to be a bit of in between place, so we were both looking forward to the mainland. Matazlan looks to be a wonderful city and despite the heat, it was lovely to ride around in the relatively sedate traffic. There was a definite feel of ‘slowing down’ here.

T – Eventually we booked into our room and plan on doing some laundry, because I have no clean clothes left and I friggin smell bad right now. I must have stuck the entire boat out. Even Chantelle commented on my stink today. Sorry to everyone on the boat! Just my little gift to you all!

dsc06847 dsc06844

So that’s where I am right now as I write this. Laying on a comfortable bed, in a gorgeous home, staring out the open door across the street at a bright blue house and just loving life! Smells and all!

dsc06848 dsc00416

Tomorrow we head inland towards Durango on the free road of curvey curves. I had a look at our GPS today and the route we are going is just a scrambled spaghetified mess! Cant wait!!


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2 thoughts on “Landed at Maza!

  1. You did well to get a room on the ferry.They were all gone when we crossed.We had to put up with laying out on the floor with Mexican children still running amuck at midnight and the big tv’s still on till very late.We regretted not bringing our thermarests up from the hold.The airconditioning wasn’t working well either even though it was a newish looking ferry.Probably the same one you caught.

    • tncpowell

      It seemed as though our ferry wasn’t very packed. The rooms did end up selling out though but there were quite a few left when we booked ours!

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