To ferry or not to ferry. That is the question

T – Chantelle had to get up several times in the night and do the mad rush to the toilet. 20 times in fact! Not good! So as soon as the chemist opened its shutters I was inside and buying some Imodium pills. Chantelle couldn’t move and we contemplated staying here until the next ferry to Mazatlan, which was on Sunday.

C – I woke up feeling somewhat better, but not really better. I was appreciative of the fact that our hotel room had two beds as I asked Todd to sleep in the other one. It meant he could have a somewhat more restful sleep. Todd went to the pharmacy and came back with Imodium, which is obviously very helpful, but I knew this would only treat the symptoms, not the cause. I figured I could get something for bacterial infection a bit later.


T – We ummed and ahhed for a few hours until our checkout time came. At which point we thought we might try for the ferry after all. First we had a few things to do in town and as Chantelle was feeling quite hungry, a good sign, we headed of to find her some nice safe food. In this case she was craving some Maccas fries all covered in salt.

We scoffed some food there and headed off to Walmart to pick up some last minute items. We needed some new GO Pro stickies for our helmets plus some basic food stuffs to eat on the ferry. About 2 minutes after we left Maccas Chantelle started feeling very unwell again. So she rested in Walmarts aircon while I went and found the stuff we needed.


C – I was really, really feeling like salty, salty Maccas fries… perhaps it was too soon though!!! The fries certainly perked me up a bit, after not eating for over 24hrs.

T – By the time I had done the little bit of shopping Chantelle had taken a turn for the worse. We decided to see the chemist in Walmart to see if they had something else that might help the gut infection that she was battling. Armed with some new pills we went and sat outside and discussed what our options were and what we should do. To be honest I was really keen to get on the boat. And the prospect of another 4 days until we left wasn’t ideal. BUT, Chantelle was really sick and I had to work hard to convince her that maybe she should spend some time here in a hotel.

Chantelle was convinced that she would be able to lay down on the boat and be fine but soon we were checking into a room at a cheap hotel. Less than 10 minutes later we were checking back out again. For us to get a refund or change our ferry tickets looked to be almost impossible due to our poor Spanish skills and to get our travel insurance to cover it meant trips to a doctor, documents to prove we had tried to change our booking etc etc. It became to much for Chantelle and she ended up just deciding that we would take the ferry as planned.

C – The key for me was that I knew I was going to feel this way for a short time longer, whether I was on the boat, or in a hotel room. So I was happy to suck it up for a while, knowing by tomorrow I would feel much better.

T – We rode out to the terminal with the idea that Chantelle could lay on a bench somewhere for a few hours until we could board and that we would splurge and book a cabin with its own toilet for the night.

dsc06766 dsc06767-1

Not long after we arrived at the terminal we were sent through customs who checked our paperwork and nothing else, then onto a weigh bridge which cost us 88 peso’s each, and then finally to a ticket office where we picked up our boarding passes. It was at this point that Maccas decided to make a fast exit out of Chantelles tummy and she hurried around the back of the little building to vomit. So now we have left groinal water in the US and splattered MacDonalds fries all over the ground behind a ticket building in Mexico! Sorry Canada but I think we only left Mabels oily innards scattered through you!

C – Oh yes, sorry about that La Paz ferry terminal building. But, I did cover it up with dirt and man did I feel heaps better! I think the fries assisted whatever was left in my body to get out quickly!!! We also managed to get a private cabin, which was more than we have paid for a hotel room yet, but we both knew it would be worth it.


T – Finally we made it into the terminal where Chantelle declared herself feeling much better for getting the ‘Demon’ out of her stomach.


All of a sudden we were asked to board. 3 hours before departure. It was great! We had access to our room straight away and spent the next few hours laying about and reading as Chantelle steadily improved.

dsc06771 dsc06773


C – The ferry was much more modern than I expected and it was actually super lovely. Our cabin was lovely and comfortable and even had a window and a shower! After drinking lots of water and having a lie down I was certainly feeling much better!!

T – We ventured outside and met up with some fellow bikers who were also heading south. We had a great chat and continued our conversation over dinner which was included in our boarding fee! Bonus!!!

dsc06776 dsc06784 dsc06796

Chantelle was much perked up by now and after she ate some dinner she went off to bed to sleep off the exhaustion of the tummy bug blues. I also followed her up to the room and spent an hour or so watching Everyone Loves Raymond until I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer.

Tomorrow we shall be in Mazatlan where we have booked an Air bnb room for the night. Then the day after we will tackle the road called Diablos something or rather or The Spine of the Devil.

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