Uh oh….. What was that feeling??

T – We both crashed out in bed last night. It was a warm day yesterday and the heat seemed to have sapped the last of our strength by the time we switched out the lights. I managed to sleep the whole night through which for me is a rarity.

Bushy tailed and bright eyed we strode from our room and down towards the waterfront. We were keen to sit down there somewhere for breakfast and just watch the world go by. As we strolled along the water we checked out some of the menus of the little cafes that dotted the roadside. Too pricey here, too western there, way too pricey there. Finally we gave in and just picked one at random and sat down without even looking at the menu.


C – The malecon (waterfront) in La Paz is really lovely and it was so nice just walking along, watching the world go by. We knew everything would be pricier down here, but the draw of the water was too much for us to avoid! Soon though, it was our tummies telling us it was time to eat, now please!

dsc00408 dsc00406

T – We decided that we would just have whatever was available and be done, otherwise we knew that in 10 blocks time we still wouldn’t have found something. We ended having a ham and cheese croissant. Which was nice, but after waiting just over an hour for it to arrive I was a little miffed and wished we had of just gone to the local market instead! Oh well!

C – It was a bit of hungry, painful wait for our breakfast, but still, we had a super lovely view of the water and it was interesting listening in on conversations I had no hope of ever understanding. So instead, I just made it up…. I am sure the group of men next to us were plotting some drug cartel warlord overthrow…..

T – After a feed we went in search of a coffee for Chantelle. We found another very quaint little cafe tucked away down a little alley. Chantelle bought herself a cappuccino and I had a very tasty hot chocolate. Nom nom!


We wandered back slowly towards our room as the heat of the day started to climb. Boy was it going to be a warm one today! We strolled through a cool little market selling fresh fish and meat plus some stunningly made leather gear. I wanted to buy Chantelle a nice belt but then I let her talk me out of it. I would have also liked to have bought myself one of the cowboy hats on display. They were only $15 and I’m sure I could have strapped it to Mabel somehow!

C – The market was a feast for the senses!!! It was bright, colourful, stinking like fish and meat, sweaty and hot as we wandered through, trying to be polite to the vendors who were talking at us quickly in Spanish!

T – From there we went back to our room to hide in the aircon while the city baked away quietly. By mid afternoon Chantelle had started to turn a little green looking and rumblings and pains from her tummy told us that she had a little bit of Baja Belly coming on! Oh no!!!

dsc00411 dsc00412

We stayed in the room right up until dinner time that night which ended up of a hastily bought bag of chips and a small cake. Chantelle had to run back to our room where she alternated between groaning in agony on the toilet or groaning in agony on the bed. And I must say, the walls in our room weren’t exactly thick and I could hear every nasty thing going on.

C – At first I thought, oh… upset tummy. It will be fine. But alas, as the day wore on, the worse I felt. It was unpleasant, but I knew it wasn’t anything more sinister than some travellers belly. It wasn’t too pleasant for me, or Todd! Todd managed to eat his chips and cake for dinner though, whilst I stuck my head down the toilet.

T – We put it down to the coffee this morning as we figure the water possibly wasn’t boiled totally. Lesson learned! We shall make our own coffee from our bottled water from now on! We accept that on this trip, or most other trips to foreign places for that matter, that we will at some point suffer from upset tummys.

C – I am usually very careful of coffee and tea, as in Asia this is the predominant reason people get sick there when travelling. The water never boils, especially a barista made coffee. Oh well, the coffee tasted good. Although I think, just maybe, my addiction to coffee may be in remission!

T – So it was off to bed early. If Chantelle is still unwell tomorrow morning I shall go to the Chemist and get her some drugs!

We have a ferry to catch tomorrow evening but we may have to change our plans on that one. I am excited to get to mainland Mexico but I am not sure that travelling on a boat for 12 hours or more with a sick tummy would be a nice thing for Chantelle.

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