No entiendo espanol.

T – Today it was back to La Paz. We had booked our ferry ride, all 15 odd hours of it, for Thursday. So we figured on a nice easy ride back to the city and then a day relaxing in a hotel. Rooms are cheap enough here that we can build the cost into our budget. Although we will plan to keep camping as much as possible.

Chantelle had found us a place to stay right in downtown La Paz just a few streets back from the waterfront for $36 for the two nights. Cheap!

C – I am excited to spend some time exploring La Paz. And the hotel has surprisingly good reviews for such a cheap hotel. Fingers crossed!!!

The air was hot and sticky as we packed up the bikes and got excited about our free breakfast. We munched on really yummy muesli, fresh fruit, yoghurt, eggs and chorizo, and of course, beans.

It was very obvious it was going to be a warm ride, and from what a local guy had told us, the ride back to La Paz via Todos Santos was a boring ride through desert. Thankfully it was only about 170km, so not far.


After getting our girls a nice drink of fuel, we rode out onto Mexico 19. Once out of Cabo San Lucas, I was surprised at the view. The air got noticeably cooler as the road curved its way along the coast. We could spy millions (ok, maybe thats an exaggeration) of expensive looking yachts and power boats out on the water, cruising back and forth. They all looked like they were going and coming from the same place. It did look like a lovely day on the water!!!

We stopped in at Todos Santos, about half way, for a little break in the shade of a tree. I do love a good people watching session and we were provided entertainment by a couple of guys trying to hitchhike. It looked as though they would have no luck here!! A friendly gentleman tried to engage us in conversation, but my very limited espanol and his non-existent english it wasn’t meant to be.


I am missing the interactions with locals and curse myself for not putting in more effort to learn espanol before coming here. I get so much out of interacting with locals and its disappointing to miss out on that. I am determined to do a course whilst we are here, and have found one in Guatamala that has fantastic reviews. So… until then we will stumble though! I try to learn one new word each day that I can use in everyday sentence.

T – The ride out of Cabo and back to La Paz was pretty uneventful. We just followed a dual lane highway all the way back. The closer we got to La Paz the hotter the air got. So we stopped in a small town and sat in the shade of a beautiful big tree and watched the world rumble on by. Big lorries screamed by, spewing forth large plumes of thick sooty smoke, cars missing mufflers and sometimes missing whole front ends raced by, loaded with laughing smiling people. We were joined on our bench by an elderly gentleman who asked us where we were going and pointed out a nice hotel just nearby if we wanted.

We had a good rest and then carried on with the last 70 km’s of our ride. By the time we rode into La Paz I was sweating buckets and the heat radiating up off of Mabel and the road was intense! I was looking forward to collapsing into the Air conditioned room of our hotel for sure!

After getting a little lost in the downtown area and riding in a circle we soon found the hidden entry to the hotel. It was so pretty. The wrought iron gates opening into a gorgeous little courtyard full of green plants. The guy who checked us in told us to bring our bikes straight inside and park them where they would be safe. We turned up the air con and then I jumped in and had a nice cool shower. I was definitely overheating today.

Then we had a wander of the nearby streets and went in search of cold drinks. The water front area was stunning. The water so clear that we could see fish skipping around. Very pretty.


C – I was super impressed with the La Paz malecon (waterfront area). Beautiful statues, lovely clear water and even palapas providing shade on the beach areas. It was one of the nicest waterfronts I have seen anywhere. Simple yet beautiful and useable. It would certainly add to the liveability of La Paz. I made Todd purchase an icecream so we could enjoy the view a little longer, by taking a seat at the stall, which had ample shade and a cool breeze blowing through. We sat a while so I could immerse myself in the view and Todd could immerse himself in a double scoop cookies n crème icecream! I am sure Todd was disappointed in having to take one for the team on this occasion!

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T – Then it was time to head off for dinner. We found a taco stand just near our hotel which served us up two amazing tacos de carne asada! Best beef tacos we have had yet. I will be going back there tomorrow night for dinner too!

After that we went back to our room where we laid on our beds and surfed the web for a while before watching a couple of episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond.

Tomorrow we shall have a lazy day. We want to go for a wander in the morning and will retreat back to our room when it gets warm for a few hours. Not long left on the Baja now. We are both looking forward to experiencing mainland Mexico! Heres a snapshot of our Baja trip.



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