I’m gonna kill Rosie……..


T – The hotel was really quite busy last night. By the time we woke up today the carpark was totally full. We sat on the floor of our room and ate some tortillas smeared with peanut butter. We didn’t want to start up our camping stove in our room in case we set of a fire alarm, so instead we settled on the tortillas.

We left the hotel and headed further south. Our next port of call today was in La Paz. It was only a short 210km ride away.

C – I thought a lot about Lola again last night. The instant connection I had with her was really intense and a little weird. She is such a special little dog… really, there is something magical about that dog.

T – The road there was fairly straight and not terribly exciting though. Plus it was quite warm. We were both starting to feel quite bored as we rode along and then Chantelle did something stupid! She asked Rosie to give her some entertainment as she was bored. So Rosie did exactly that. Less that 30 seconds later.


C – Seriously… Rosie obeyed me instantly the little witch. I realise it was my fault for tempting fate but the ride was really, really boring! I started to feel the now VERY familiar sway in the back end…..


T – Another flat tyre. Sigh. We pulled off the road and put another patched tube in. We are getting to the point where we need new tubes now. Hopefully we can find some in La Paz. After fixing Rosies tyre under a baking hot sun we set off again. For 2 more km. Then Rosie had another flat. I was fuming now. This wasn’t fun any more.

dsc00387 dsc00386

C – Thats it, I declared! That devil tube is going in the bin. The tube we put in after the first flat this morning has let us down every single time we have used it. We find the leaks and patch it, but the damn thing still lets us down every time. We re-test it, re-patch it, but next time it does the exact same thing. DEVIL tube!

T – I pulled off the wheel and put another tube in. Not even bothering to fix the one that was in there. Eventually, soaked in sweat, we had Rosie back on the road. However my socket ratchet had fallen apart into the dirt, probably from overuse, so I hope we don’t get any more flats between here and La Paz.

dsc06727 dsc06731

C – By this time it was heading on for 1pm, we were both hot, hot, hot and sweating buckets. I day dreamed about lunch and icy cold water for the rest of the ride.


T – We rode through masses of roadworks. The sandy dusty roads throwing up huge clouds of fine dust as trucks rumbled along it. The dust stuck to us and it managed to get into everything. So much for having been clean and freshly laundered!

Finally we made it into La Paz. We wanted to stay in a hotel again. Both of us were exhausted. We need some new tubes, some new tools and to do some bike maintenance. Mabel has been making a tapping noise on startup for the couple of months and at first I suspected the cam chain. But upon replacing that it still is there. Only when she is cold though. Not when she is warm. I suspect some piston slap. We will see.

C – As we rolled into town, we saw the dreaded Walmart. We quickly stopped, as we able to park in the shade. Looking like something a dust storm had spewed up, we dragged ourselves into the air conditioning and found sushi, icy cold beverages and even some flan! We sat in the shade next to the bikes and slowly began to perk up whilst we downed our lunch. We also managed to provide entertainment for numerous families as they went about their Walmart experience. Perhaps we will be the ‘people of Walmart’ in Mexico!

We found a cheap hotel on line and set the GPS. The hotel turned out to be really lovely, with a super lovely gentleman behind the desk. I was excited by the prospect of a nice shower and had a giggle to myself. At last nights cheap hotel, we had hot showers but the wifi didnt actually work. Tonight, we get great wifi, but cold showers!

dsc06733 dsc06734

After freshening up and chilling out for a while, we ventured further into the city to find some dinner. We found a roadside cafe where we had our first taste of tostadas with carne asada. AMAZING. I think I enjoyed these more than anything else I have eaten in Mexico! YUM YUM! Dinner cost us the massive sum of $97MEX (which is about $5US).

dsc00397 dsc00398 dsc00395 dsc00394 dsc00400

Today felt like a massive day for me, I don’t think I drank enough water. I was very glad when it was time to snuggle down into bed and get to sleep!

T – Tomorrow we are going to head down towards Cabo San Lucas on the southern point of the Baja.

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6 thoughts on “I’m gonna kill Rosie……..

  1. Dar

    Your adventure is never boring. The tostadas looked delish. Hope you get Rosie sorted out. You’ll like Cabo, been there quite a few years ago.

    • tncpowell

      Oh those tostadas were freaking incredible! There have been a few mind numbing stretches of road here! Rosie is sorted. Todd gave her a good telling off and may have even used a few choice swear words and nasty threats….

  2. Those tostadas sound pretty tasty! The last time I was in La Paz, I camped in an actual campground and the neighbors must have taken pity on us. We were traveling by bicycle and they fed us grilled marlin that they had caught made into tacos. The entire bicycle trip only ended up costing $65 (US$) back then and not a single flat and almost no traffic. But that was almost 40 years ago.

    I’m enjoying reading if your trip, thanks for posting!

    • tncpowell

      We have seen a few cyclists along the Baja. You guys are crazy as hell!Both of us admire cyclists that do that. Crazy, but pretty awesome!We figure we have been getting flats for everyone! Its all part of the adventure!

  3. Jax

    I am getting a little concerned about the verbal abuse being inflicted upon the girls.
    Surly teenagers respond much better to bribery.

    • tncpowell

      Hahah. They are lucky it’s just verbal abuse!

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