Insurgents and the constitution.

T – I cant believe that we had the whole beach to ourselves last night. It was so quiet and I had a great sleep. I did get up in the night to take some photos, or try to, of the stars that were out in force. It was such a brilliantly clear night!


Lola had befriended Chantelle yesterday and slept on Chantelles side of the tent all night, pressed hard up against the fabric in fact. She seems to be a lonely little soul and Chantelle had trouble sleeping all night knowing that we were almost abandoning Lola here today. I felt very sad about it too. I had prepared myself mentally for the animal side of things for places such as this, but it still left me a little broken hearted to see this beautiful dog who just wanted to love someone and be loved back. Chantelle however had not prepared herself at all and I could see that she will struggle greatly on this trip in regards to the animal side of things.


We had a very fond and prolonged goodbye to Lola and rode away. We had poured all of our water into a bowl for her as there was none around that we could see. She ran after us down the beach and along the road for a little and I had to tell Chantelle not to look in the mirror. Bye Lola. If we could take you we would.

dsc06700 dsc06710


C – It broke my heart to leave her like that. She has injured herself at some point and struggles badly with her hips and one her back legs. I was so sad that I couldn’t get her fixed and make sure she had a home where she was loved every night. I had a few tears as we rode away, knowing she was trying to chase us down the beach with her injured hind legs.

We did think we discovered why the guys called her the ‘fisher dog’. We watched this morning as she excitedly dug a deep hole, then flicked out a crab and munched it down. She then stood dead still in the water and was just using her peripheral vision to watch the numerous fish swimming by. Maybe she survives on fish?!?!?

T – The road wound from our little beach up into some mountains that could have been lifted straight out of Jurassic Park. There were some wisps of clouds clinging to the highest slopes and the whole picture was stunning. The east coast of the Baja kicks the west coasts ass!

dsc06711 dsc06714 dsc06715

We wound along a heap of sharp curves, dodging oncoming traffic and zipped through clouds of butterflies! The things were everywhere! Bright yellows and golds, they filled the bushes and unfortunately some of them tried to fill my helmet. But they only got as far as my visor. It was quite incredible to see so many of them fluttering across the road.

dsc06718 dsc06720

C – We rode through the stunning scenery into the town of Loreto. The town looked more American than a lot we have seen and it was then noticed it was a very popular town with tourists. We did some grocery shopping, got some fuel and topped up our phone credit. The town had a seediness to it though. It felt like a town where you wouldn’t get away without being ripped off at least once. It was certainly not a place I wanted to stay, so we pushed on, thinking we would ride a further 120km to Ciudad Insurgente.


We climbed more mountains, thoroughly enjoying the curvey, mountain road as we climbed in elevation to 350mtrs. Soon enough, we were cruising into Ciudad Insurgente. We stopped for lunch and then decided to push onto Ciudad Constitucion.

dsc06721 dsc06722

T – We decided to stop for the day and get a hotel in the town of Cuidad Constitucion. We are both in need of a laundry and a shower. It’s quite warm out at the moment and I have been sweating up a storm. So we shall do our laundry and by some oil for our bikes while we are stopped for the day.


Then tomorrow we shall probably get to La Paz. There are some bikers behind us that we have had some contact with on the internet and we are hoping to catch up with them before they get onto the ferry to Mazatlan.

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  1. Jax

    Oh you cruel meanies leaving poor Lola behind

    • tncpowell

      Oh thats just meannnnnn!!!

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