Doin’ the cacti rock!

T – Alcohol makes for a fast easy sleep. But with it comes weird dreams! So I spent most of the night either deeply asleep or wide eyed awake wondering what the hell was that dream about! But in the end we both woke up as the sun rose feeling nicely refreshed although a little fuzzy brained.

We cooked up a breakfast of porridge and strawberries before packing up and heading out. We had no destination in mind today but we were mindful that we wanted to be off the road by dusk before all the crazy drivers came out.


We stopped and topped up our fuel and had a chat to the lady at the bowser, fuel here comes with service, which gave us a chance to practise our very limited spanglish. Then it was back onto the main road and south!

dsc06560 dsc06561 dsc06565


C – I was so proud of myself this morning, as I managed to say to the lady at the fuel station ‘Good Morning, please fill it up’ and then managed to understand and answer some of her questions in espanol! Woohoo! She was very surprised when I told her ‘yes, it is my motorbike and yes, me and my moto come from Australia’ Success!


T – It was a nice ride to start with and we cruised through a few small towns. At one of them we decided to stop and buy some groceries. So while Chantelle went and looked for ‘proper food’ I went and checked out the selection of sweet treats!  And subsequently ended up with a yummy donut like thing covered in cinnamon sugar and a little bottle of chocolate milk! Yummmmmmm!

dsc00357 dsc00358

C – I just love cruising around grocery stores in other countries. So many interesting things!!! The selection of bean mixes was amazing and after selecting a few and some fresh fruit it was time to practice some more Spanish with the checkout lady!!

T – We continued on our southerly course as the road curved further inland and soon the villages stopped and the scenery changed. Gigantic cacti towered above us and the ground was covered in massive smooth boulders. It was oh so beautiful! The road curved up high and some of our views went on forever. We both got excited every time we saw the sign that said ‘Curvas Peligrosa’ because we knew it meant dangerous curves! That can only equal fun on these bikes!

dsc06570 dsc06572 dsc06575


C – The ride was simply stunning. Up, down, around to the left, around to the right. It was perfect riding and perfect riding weather. Very mild and the bikes were loving this cooler weather. The scenery was just spectactular and changed throughout the day from complete nothingness, to forests of cacti and massive rocks as far as you could see. What a road!!!! Highway 1 is in pretty good condition really, on par with most US minor roads really. We had a few moments of wondering which lanes trucks wanted to drive in, as they often drive in the middle when there are no vehicles coming the other way. This makes for a few moments ‘are they going to move’!!

dsc06577 dsc06578 dsc06582 dsc06573

T – We had a couple of military check points that we passed through and the young soldiers were very friendly and we were only stopped for a very short time before we rode onwards.

C – At our second checkpoint, the soldiers asked if they could inspect our bikes. So, we jumped off of the bikes and they began their very cursory search. The gentleman searching my bike asked me to open my pannier which contains my clothes. He spotted my underwear bag and very quickly looked away, indicating that he was satisfied with that pannier!

T – Then Rosie decided it was time for a flat tyre. So we spent half an hour getting reacquainted with our tyre irons and Rosies rear end. This flat tyre must be putting us close to 20 flats so far. Crazy! The majority of those have been on Rosie. We patched the tiny little pinprick hole in her tube and soon had her back on the road.

dsc06587 dsc00359 dsc06588

There was absolutely nothing out here on this stretch of the road. Just the odd cactus and rolling hills. Absolutely stunning! Every now and then we would pass a ute on the side of the road selling gasolina out of some jerry cans. There hadn’t been a fuel station for a little while.


We decided it was time to start thinking about where to camp. The sun was sinking and the chill was coming up. So we headed for a town called Santa Rosaliita. There was a sign on the main road indicating that there was camping there.


When we rolled into town it looked deserted. And there was clearly no campgrounds here that we could see! So Chantelle went into a shop and in spanglish she managed to ask for camp grounds. The lady in the shop said we could basically camp anywhere we liked in town.

While we were sitting outside wondering if we should chance riding onto the next town or camp in town two cars turned up to say hello. Three young smiling faces greeted us from the VW camper and Toyota Landcruiser. They were also looking for a camp and knew of one up the track a bit and invited us along with them. We were basically right on the end of our fuel range with Chantelle already onto her reserve tank but we thought stuff it and followed them anyway.

C –We are both a little perplexed about Rosies fuel situation… I normally switch to reserve around the 300km mark, but yesterday I had only done 230km. Mabel still has the expected amount of fuel left. We need to investigate and work out why. The concern now is that I usually get at least 150km out of my reserve. Right now, we don’t know what I am going to get out of it and if its less than 120km, I may well run out before we find gas!

T – After a ride down a super rough track and through some beach sand we turned up at a camp with some palapas right on the beach! It was a gorgeous spot and we got to see the sun set over the sea. Bliss!

dsc06599 dsc06600

C – We were really glad to have met these wonderful, three young gentleman from California. They are all adventuring about Mexico, with plans to head to Patagonia. We enjoyed chatting with them immensely, and it was clear that they were super lovely, intelligent guys.. and funny!!! And, thankfully, one of them has extra fuel and has offered to give me some!

T – We sat around and chatted for a while before having dinner and heading to bed.

Tomorrow we might have a shorter day. Guerrero Negro is our next destination and it is only 120 km’s away. Chantelle has about 100k’s of fuel left……

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5 thoughts on “Doin’ the cacti rock!

  1. Dna

    Nervously hanging off the edge our seats waiting for the next installment… hopefully rosie makes it – without being dragged by her handlebars by mabel…


  2. Jax

    Are u using heavy duty tubes?

    • tncpowell

      We sure were. But after a heap of massive nails and staples tore them up we resigned ourselves to regular ones

  3. Ah memories…I got my one and only nasty flat tyre 80kms before Guerrero Negro.

    • tncpowell

      Haha. Those types of memories are the ones we dont need!!!

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