Come on, come oooooonnnnnn

T – Well I slept like a log last night. I was asleep before my head even hit the pillow I am sure! I was up around 5 am this morning and put it down to the excitement of being through to Mexico today. Hopefully! I tried to wake Chantelle up by continuously poking her in the head and then tapping her on the shoulder. For some reason she didn’t seem to like that…

So eventually when Chantelle decided she had had enough and would get up we wandered out into the kitchen where James greeted us with hot fresh coffee and some tasty breakfast!

We sat for a while and chatted before finally we figured we really should get a wriggle on. It was around 140km’s today for us to get the Otay Mesa border crossing and both of us knew that it would take ages, possibly that we may even decide to not do it today depending on the time we got there.

We said goodbye to James and Kris and kicked our bikes into gear. It was time to get on the road!


C – A big thanks to James and Kris for their amazing hospitality and wonderful conversation. Meeting people like you has became the focus of our trip and we so enjoying hearing about other peoples adventures and life choices.

T – Well, the ride was long. Very long. We ended up stuck on a section of the I5 interstate. Which sucked balls! We rode over on the shoulder for 20 km’s. Dodging bits of tyre, wire, bolts, steel plate, dead animals, and various other pieces of junk. Finally we picked the right place to exit, every other exit had lead us into a Marine Corp base, and soon we were coasting along at a sedate pace along the sea side.


I am still quite surprised at the masses of traffic on the road here in California. The state must never sleep!! So we sat surrounded by hot cars and texting drivers all the way down into downtown San Diego, the GPS having decided we should go that way, and out the other side before coming to the border town of Otay Mesa.


C – The ride was indeed long, with most of our journey once again through streets packed with red lights and stop signs. It did give me a good chance though to run Rosie’s new engine through its paces, up the gears, down the gears, so hopefully it is now well and truly worn in! She is running like a dream and is starting to feel like Rosie again, that ol’ pluckiness coming back in droves!


T – It was quite late by now, 3pm, and we thought it best to wait until the morning before we cross as we weren’t sure how long the paperwork for our visa and bikes might take, plus we also then wanted to ride to Ensenada to a camp we had picked out there. So tonight we hotel it!

Tomorrow we shall hit the border nice and early, hopefully, and get under way. So America, you have to put up with us for one more night!

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8 thoughts on “Come on, come oooooonnnnnn

  1. Baja is a great riding location. Or it was the last time I was there. (1980 on a bicycle)

    Have fun!

    • tncpowell

      We are super excited to get there!!

  2. Dar

    Glad Rosie is finding her zip and zen again.

    • tncpowell

      Oh yes. She is a happy girl!

  3. Jax

    Get ON with it….

    • tncpowell

      I know!!!!!!

  4. Jax

    p.s. where are your maps?

    • tncpowell

      Argh. I forgot to put them in! Ill fix that now!

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