Where in the world is she?

T – It was another goodbye today. It was time for us to begin our journey to the border so we packed up our stuff and then ran a few errands with Alisa and Edward. We had heard that it can sometimes be easier to cross borders if you are in possession of copies of your paperwork etc already rather than racing around trying to find a copy shop. So off to Staples we went to do that. Then we had one last scrummy meal at In-N-Out Burger. Boy am I going to miss the US burgers!

dsc06500 dsc06502

C – Seriously, In-N-Out Burger is such a fantastic burger joint and it was so fun to share our last USA Burger experience at this place with Alisa and Edward.


T – After a quick trip back to Staples, someone had left our drivers licences still in one of the copy machines, we cruised back to Alisa and Ed’s place where we finished our packing and gave the bikes a quick once over and a wash with a pressure cleaner. Then it was really time to say goodbye and head out.

Thanks Alisa and Edward! You pair are such an amazing couple and we have been so lucky to have been able to share some time with you both. It was hard to leave but the adventure must go on! Australia is still a long way away yet!

C – Thanks for all the interesting conversations, amazing food and laughs. It really was a pleasure to spend time with you both and learn about your adventures, past and planned!

dsc06498 dsc06505

T – We set our GPS for an address in San Clemente where we had an offer for a place to stay for the night. We had met our new host, James, when he was cycling across the States and we were temporary neighbours in a camp in Gillette Wyoming.

We seemed to make no headway at all in the crazy traffic. Constantly waiting at red lights for what seemed eternity. The distance we had to ride was just 110 km’s, but it took 5 hours to get there. With just one short fuel and drink break. Unreal!


C – I will admit to finding the LA traffic very frustrating today. The endless traffic lights, all red of course, and the endless four way stops. A consequence of avoiding the mass of freeways that seamlessly delivers travellers to their destinations. It really felt like we were making no progress and my itchy feet where not happy with this!


T – Finally though we pulled up in James and Kris’ driveway and soon we were settled into our room and had an icy cold beer in hand to wash away the traffic dirt. Their house is simply gorgeous, with beautiful wood panelling, a penny coin floor, and character up the wahzoo!

dsc06510 dsc06508

James cooked up a feast of ribs for us. Once again we were being spoilt by our hosts! We love it and appreciate it so much every time! We know that once we get back into tenting it that we will be back to our camp food diet. And unfortunately such things as ribs, tri-tip, pancakes, korean BBQ and so many others just wont feature to heavily on our menu!

dsc06511 dsc06514

We had a great evening of chatting and hanging out with these guys and I even had the chance to take a friend of James and Kris’, Jakes,  300cc Vespa for a spin around the block! What a fun little bike!

dsc06516 dsc06513

C – Kris’ mum was also there with her beautiful Golden Lab, Marley, and another friend of theirs, Gina. Everyone was super welcoming and it was so interesting to hear everyone stories. I was excited to learn that Gina had been seriously considering getting her motorcycle license, so of course, I did my best to encourage her and told her about all the amazing ADV women out there.

T – Eventually I couldn’t stay awake much longer and had to go to bed. It is possibly going to be a big day tomorrow, if we can cross the border and I need my beauty sleep!

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5 thoughts on “Where in the world is she?

  1. Dar

    The best thing about your blog and adventure is that is shows human kindness is alive and well in this very self centred world 🌎. I love that you are experiencing true generosity and caring from folks, it restores my faith in human kind.

    • tncpowell

      Thanks Dar! Pretty much everyone we have met has been kind to us! We have been truly lucky!

    • Shelley


  2. Kris Edwards

    T & C,
    It was our pleasure to have you both in our home and James was super stoked that you enjoyed the ribs. I am so inspired by you and in awe of your ability to just keep riding and see what’s out there. What a fun evening for all of us!

    Sailing to a harbor near you soon….
    Safe Travels,

    • tncpowell

      Thank you Kris! We do hope we get to see you on your boat some time in the future! Talking to you about that reignited our excitement for yachts!! It was truly our pleasure to have been able to stay with you both!

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