The bear drinks milk

T – I was up early and ready to go this morning. Generally when I start working on a bike I like to get the job finished and will stay up all night doing so. Last night though I felt like being a social butterfly and really we aren’t in any kind of rush! So into the garage I went this morning to finish putting Rosie back together.

dsc06453 dsc06452

It wasn’t long before she had her crash bars on and her new chain and sprockets fitted. Then all I needed was for Chantelle to crawl out of bed and take Rosie for a test ride.


C – GREAT start to the day!! I slept in, undisturbed, until 9am. Then, after getting coffee, ventured out into the garage, where TADA! Rosie was all finished and put back together!

T – Eventually, at just after 9am, Chantelle ventured out with coffee and we soon had Rosie backed out into the driveway and purring away like a little kitten. So Chantelle jumped on and off she went.

C – For some reason, I was attached to my little grey engine and I was really worried the engine swap was going to effect to Rosies ‘heart’ somehow. I took her for a short spin and she definitely rides differently… but really, she is just the same old Rosie, right???? The engine certainly purred along and I know that I have to be patient and let it run in before passing judgement!!!!

T – She came back a few minutes later and announced all was well and Rosie felt and rode great! Woohoo. Another successful engine swap!

Then it was time to sit in front of the computers and relax. We had to sort out our Mexican auto insurance plus work out where we were going to actually cross and so on.

dsc06458 dsc06459

C – Alisa gave us a great contact to help us decide which bike insurance company to go with, and we managed to get all the administration stuff sorted. We are both VERY excited about getting across the border and trying out our virtually non-existent Spanish skills. I taught Todd one sentence, which he spurts out at random moments ‘el oso bebe leche’.. I wonder how helpful this will be?!?!?!

T – So now we have everything in order plus a list of documents we need to go and print out and have laminated tomorrow. Then, fingers crossed, we should have everything we need!

Once Edward came home we sat around the pool and sunk a few beers with him and Alisa and just chatted and shared some laughs. These two are very chilled out and it was so easy to just relax.

dsc06470 dsc06471 dsc06476

Dinner tonight was Korean BBQ! Yum!!! Followed by a sit around a glowing chimnea. Very nice. A good way to end our day.

dsc06484 dsc06485 dsc06479

Tomorrow we are heading south to stay in San Clemente for the night.

dsc06489 dsc06497

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2 thoughts on “The bear drinks milk

  1. Jax

    Don’t forget 10,000 photocopies of every document you own.

    • tncpowell

      We got them!!!

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