On the road again!!!!

T- Well it’s time to get this little postie bike show back on the road!

dsc06437 dsc06423

So we said our farewells to mum and dad and started to sort our bikes out for the next leg of the trip. Rosies Lifan has covered over 30 000 hard km’s and was just starting to develop a knock in the clutch/bearing area during idle. Seeing as these little engines are so cheap we figure it’s almost not worth the time, effort and parts to rebuild them. So we ordered a new one for her and some maintenance parts for Mabel. The lovely couple we had stayed with previously in LA, Edward and Alisa, had invited us to stay with them again if we wanted and had also said we could have all our new bits sent to their place!



Waking up bright and early today, well early anyway, we set off to meet Edward at his office at Scorpion motorcycle apparel. We had decided to buy some new lids as Chantelles was 3 years old, and mine had a crack in it from slapping the bitumen during my last crash. We had tried on and really like the new Scorpion AT-950 dual sport modular helmet! Yay new things!


After cruising through rush hour traffic and picking the new helmets up we headed back to Edward and Alisa’s place. We took our time and 30 km’s took us about 2 hours. Sloooowwwww!

dsc06425 dsc06424

C – I knew my Shark helmet was in need of replacement, but I was horrified at how much the inner layers had deteriorated!! Definitely glad the Scorpion guys could help us out with these helmets! I felt a bit sentimental about my Shark helmet, as it once held Charlie Boormans signature (it is now a very faded black mark on the helmet!) so it was a bit sad to ditch it, but riding with a new snug helmet with zero wind noise is very lovely!


T – We pulled into the garage and carted all the new parts out and unwrapped them all. So many shiny things lay spread out all through the garage. First item on the agenda was a cam chain into Mabels engine. She has a bit of chain slap going on so this will fix that. Ed March and Rachel Lasham had both recommended we use Honda chains as they were good quality.


What a pain in the neck that little job was! Four hours, several bruised and bloodied knuckles later on and the chain was in and everything was lined up. I hope I never have to do that again! Though I must say we did do it without taking the head of the motor off…

dsc06444 dsc06445

Then we put new chain and sprockets plush new cush drive rubbers on and Mabel was done! I took her for a spin up the road and she ran sweet and her drive felt smooth and new again! Woohoo! Fingers crossed I did it right!


dsc06441 dsc06443

Then it was Rosies turn. Her old engine was soon sitting on the floor and her new one was lined up and ready to go in. Edward helped out with the electrics and ensured some trouble free motoring by soldering all her new wires in and the covering them with shrinkwrap! Very fancy pants for our little bikes! Usually I just twitch the wires together and wrap some old greasy electrical tape around them!

dsc06450 dsc06449 dsc06451

Once the motor was in, we tightened the bolts up and kicked her in the guts. She fired right up and apart from now needing a carby tune she seemed to be running sweetly. Just her new chain and sprockets to go on, plus a few odds and ends and Rosie shall be ready to rumble down into Mexico.


By this time I was hanging out for a few dozen cold beers so I hopped on Mabes and shot off down to the shops. Mabels engine was purring like a kitten and there was no sound of chain slap going on. Though I do think she needs a clutch adjustment and a valve adjustment next. Sigh. It just never ends with these bikes! But we love them anyways!

C – What a day! It felt like we had been going hard all day and I was exhausted. We were both in need of good scrub and the beers were a welcome end to the day.

T – After a few beers and some amazing smoked pork dinner it was off to bed. I ached all over from laying on the garage floor and I was extremely happy to roll into bed and sleep it off.

Tomorrow I shall finish putting Rosies bits on and then we shall do some last minute bits and pieces before we head out on Saturday. We have an invite to stay down in San Diego and from there we intend to be over into Baja Mexico on Sunday morning.

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2 thoughts on “On the road again!!!!

  1. Dar

    Looking forward to seeing more of your adventures!

    • tncpowell

      Thanks Dar! We are pretty excited! We just purchased all of our Mexican insurance today!

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