San Francisco, and a moment of sheer panic

So we left Vegas around mid morning. We had to share the delight that is a Vegas breakfast buffet with them first. So I stuffed myself stupid and we headed off.


We were soon once again cruising down the ET Highway. We did a small side track and drove a little ways down the main gate road into Area 51 just so Chantelles parents could say they had been there and done that! Then it was a short stop in Rachel and onwards to our favourite of camps in the USA, Lunar Crater.



Again we were the only ones here and we set up our RV right on the edge of the crater. And then had to move it an extra 2 feet away from the edge because Channys dad was worried that we were too close. Admittedly we were only about 10 meters from the edge to begin with……Not that close really.

After dinner we settled down for sleep when I noticed a strange orange/red glow in the distance. It lit up a small section of the sky and it seemed to swell and die like a beating heart. It really freaked Chantelles mum out simply because none of us could describe what it may have been way out here. Soon enough it died away though.

Then we drove alot. Heading for the coast and San Francisco. We drove through endless miles of desert. Through military towns where ordinance storage bunkers stretched for miles in every direction. Past massive solar farms and weird solar water heating towers way out in the middle of nowhere. Finally we swung south on highway 1.


What a ride. Well what a ride it would have been. We both wished we had bikes here. The road dipped and twisted and curved back on itself continuously. I don’t think I have ever seen a road so windy. Man I miss Mabel. Soon Todd soon….

We stopped on a quiet section of road and camped up for the night next to a boat ramp.

From there we raced into SF. More of these amazing corners came at us and the RV’s brakes were soon stinking up the air. The back and forth of the corners soon got to Chantelles mum and we had to pull over when she started to turn a little green.

dsc06387 dsc06381

Then came the scary bit. Well it wasn’t supposed to be. I had driven this thing in LA and Vegas. How hard would it be in SF.

Bloody hard. Bloody scary, and bloody stressful. The GPS took us across the Golden Gate Bridge, which was pretty cool, but the damn lanes were so skinny that I ended up spilling over into the neighbouring lanes. Traffic raced by us. Squeezing into the seemingly ever decreasing gap in the lanes. My knuckles were white from gripping the wheel so hard. Our speed dropped and dropped. My eyes out on stalks. Sweat dripping into my eyes and my testicles rising back up inside my body. What a frigging nightmare! Even Chantelle as the navigator was starting to worry about the the confines of our lanes.

Finally though we spat out of a narrow low ceiling tunnel, well it seemed to be, and the GPS kindly took us off the highway and straight up the nearest steepest damn street. Like we had only seen in movies. So steep that everything in the RV shot backwards and sat on the rear window. Well it felt like that anyway. Eventually, some 20 nerve wrecking, sphincter clenching minutes later, we pulled into the most expensive RV park in the world. $106 for one night! Crazy!!!!!


We had a nice wander around the city, only after being dropped off by shuttle bus of course, before heading back to the park and settling in for the night.

dsc06376 dsc06372 dsc06367 dsc06363

Then it was south bound again. We had a few days to kill and when we looked at the map we decided that we could incorporate a side trip to the Sequoia National Park.

I’m glad we did. Yes the trees are big and beautiful blah blah. But, and this was the kicker, the road we chose leading out, route number 245 I think, was even windier and curvier than the Highway 1 we had driven the days previous. It went for 31 miles. Almost no straights. Just tight turn after tight turn. The thing was incredible! Mabel would have been in her element here. Especially as it was all down hill. I thoroughly enjoyed it in the RV but I knew it would have been a million, nay a bazillion times better on a bike. Plus there was pretty well no traffic on the road so the old RV was able to swing her bum out and cut corners like a proper racing machine!

dsc06402 dsc06398 dsc06392 dsc06396

Eventually the fun bit ended and the boring straight flat freeway was upon us. All the way into camp, which was the parking lot of a casino.

dsc06390 dsc06388

The next day we began our drive back to the coast and to Santa Barbara. We have some relatives there and we had been planning to catch up with them. So we set our sights on the place and drove and drove and drove. By late afternoon we had pulled into the RV park in Santa Barbara and after a quick shower we were on our way to dinner.

Murray and Rosslyn cooked us some awesome Tri-tip for dinner and put pn an amazing spread for us. Then to kick it all off we were treated to a live show featuring Dolly Parton! Murray and Rosslyns house is perched up above the Santa Barbara Bowl, like actually right above it, and we could hear Dolly’s dulcet tones as clear as if we were in the front row of her concert. It was really cool and neat to see that she hadn’t lost her singing abilities over the years.

Well fed, watered and serenaded we were off to bed after Dolly quit belting her tunes out.

We now faced a drive down into LA. The RV has to be back tomorrow so we wanted to try to stay as close as possible to the RV rental depot as we could. After a lovely guided tour of Santa Barbara by Rosslyn we started the final leg south.

dsc06418 dsc06421

We managed to snag a spot at a State run beachside RV park and will be off early to return this thing and pick up our little bikes. Which will be very exciting!!!

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6 thoughts on “San Francisco, and a moment of sheer panic

  1. Dna

    Have read the security guard notice at least ten times and still have no idea what it means…. Sounds quite welcoming and friendly though…. 🤔

    Oh… hang on… just getting tongue out of cheek…

    • tncpowell

      Hahah. It’s brilliant isn’t it!!! I have no idea what they are trying to say either. I love how they put in a million exclamation marks.

  2. Wow! That was quite the description Todd about the ‘sphincter clenching and testicles” LOL Did you ever figure out what the orange glow was:?

    • tncpowell

      Haha! Nope. Never did work it out. We presume it was a small bushfire in the distance??? Chantelles mum was conivnced it was a UFO and couldnt sleep!!!!!

  3. Jax

    ’bout time u guys got back to the tent… and the punctures… and the kamikaze drivers trying to squish little bikes.
    Posties ROCK!!

    • tncpowell

      Hahah! Oh the punctures. How I miss them things………

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