9/11 – never forgotten

T – It’s quite nice sleeping in the RV. There’s no camp to set up to start with. Just park up and put your feet up. I slept like a log most of the night, but there were a few times in the night where I woke up. Every time I did I was greeted by the sounds of noisey flatulence from all around the RV. And I have to admit some of it came from, well from Chantelle really.

I was up with the sun this morning and a quick jaunt outside into the chilly, though fresh smelling air, soon had me wide eyed and bushy tailed and ready to take on the day.

dsc06076 dsc06079

We had some pancakes for breakfast, another perk of the RV life, and soon we were on our way and heading for the northern rim of the Grand Canyon, a little over 300 km away.


The drive took us back along a very beautiful highway that we had done just a few weeks ago on our little bikes. Though what took us a day to cover then took us just a couple of hours to travel today.

The scenery was just as breathtaking the second time around as the first. Simply gorgeous.

dsc06080 dsc06081

We had a quick lunch stop at a restaurant in a place called Cliff Dwellings. Chantelle was dying for some hot wings and she got them!

dsc06085 dsc06090

C – Oh my, oh my, oh my…. anyone who needs a good fix of hot wings, the restaurant at Cliff Dwellers is the place to go! They were completely divine and Todd commented he didnt think I had ever been quiet for such a long period… YUMMO!


T – Then we started to climb in elevation as we headed ever closer to the north rim. The RV working its guts out! We wound up some tight hairpins and there were a few sketchy moments when we met trucks coming the other way on this narrow section of road. These RV’s are quite wide!

Finally we pulled up in to the car park at the canyon. Wow. This side was just as impressive, if not a little more so than the sout rim. The light was just right and the canyon walls glowed bright reds, oranges, whites and pinks. The scale of this crack in the earth is incredible and only something you can truly experience by being there and seeing it.


dsc06105 dsc06107

We ventured along a little walkway that took us out to a narrow little strip of rock, way up high above the canyon floor. I decided to brave the gusty winds and clambered out onto a narrow rock that stuck out over nothingness. My heart racing, my whole body screaming at me to get back, to find solid ground, my head starting to spin, I sat and dangled my legs off the edge. Chantelle screeched at me to stop and come back. But not until she took a photo. That was a pretty scary moment perched out there like that. Nothing but a very long fall to certain death if I did slip.


C – The short walk out to Bright Angel Point is definitely worth it.. if you ok with heights. It was spectacular and the three of us were just in awe at the scale and beauty. I definitely enjoyed the northern rim a bit more than the south rim, but I think this is because it was a lot quieter and so it was easier to soak up the peace and tranquillity of this wondrous sight.


T – Then we had a stroll around the rim and wandered back to the RV. We left the park and turned into the national forest roads looking for a camp for the night. Not far down the track we found one. And not a moment too soon either. Cars and campers soon were crawling past as they too started to look for a place to bed down.

Tomorrow we shall be heading eastwards and down to Albuquerque.

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5 thoughts on “9/11 – never forgotten

  1. have you seen grandma? hope your having a great time xxx

    • tncpowell

      Hello Bailee! How are you? Yes we have seen Grandma. We are in a nice RV at the moment with her.

      • Awesome I’m good how are you? Hope your having a good time

  2. Can you please say hi to her from me

    • tncpowell

      They say hello back!

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