T – We woke up to a chilly morning. There had been a heap of coyotes come in close to our camp last night. Thanks to my app!

C – It was lovely looking out the windows at the beautiful night sky and listening to the coyotes getting closer, closer, closer. At one point, I am positive they were just outside the van. Amazing!!

T – The morning was just glorious. We sat outside and had our coffees before packing up and heading out.

The road in was graded dirt but not terribly wide. Just enough for a car to pass us if we and they pulled right over and went slowly. Well, we met a guy coming in this morning who decided he wasn’t going to slow down or give us an inch of room. I was stopped and almost pulled into the ditch when he zipped by at speed. His mirror colliding with ours and snapping it back against the cab. I was furious, especially as he didn’t stop and just raced off down the road. Luckily he didnt break the mirror on the RV or I would have had to execute a 30000000000000000000000 point turn and chase him down. What a knob head!

C – Boy, oh boy, if that jack ass had stopped…… But luckily there was absolutely no damage.

T – We ended up back on the interstate, just ducking off to do sections of Route 66. We eventually pulled into Flagstaff where we had to empty the poo and wee from the RV tank and fill up our fresh water. This wasn’t something I was really looking forward too but in the end it was clean and odour free. So much better than I had hoped. Then we did a quick bit of shopping at the dreaded Walmart, where I bought myself a new red flannel shirt (oooh yeah!).

From there we headed north on the highways to the Grand Canyon. The ride was pretty uneventful and we just slogged out a few miles quickly.


Then we were through the gates and into the national park. The Grand Canyon offering us glimpses through the trees as we hunted for a parking bay where I could park this thing easily. Finally we found one and wandered down the path and along the canyon rim. WOW. We had been here 8 years ago in a helicopter, but it was still an awesome thing to see. I nearly maxed out my memory card on my camera taking picture after picture. What a place!

dsc06014 dsc06019



C – It was seriously amazing! Mum was over the moon as the Grand Canyon was her one must see on this trip. We wandered along the trail, with all of us enjoying the view immensely. Mum, Todd and I went over to the edge a few times to take photos, but poor ol’ Dad isn’t a fan of big drop offs and he stood WAY back! Poor ol’ Pops!!

dsc06023 dsc06022


T – After a nice wander we all piled back into the Rv, only to see a big buck elk walk through the car park! One of the few animals we hadn’t seen yet in the states. What a magnificent creature! So proud! He had a huge rack on him, and I do like a nice rack!


After a horde of tourists finally managed to chase him away we headed off into the nearby national forest to find our nights camp. We only had to travel a short distance and found a nice level one right near some long drop dunnys and a fire watch tower which we could climb.

C – As soon as I saw the fire watch tower, I knew Todd would be wanting to climb it. So I told him about it and up we went! Except for Pops of course! The view from the top was sensational – we could see cliffs, then the valley, then the drop into the Grand Canyon, all of this with the beautiful sun setting. What a perfect end to the day.

dsc06064 dsc06068

T – Chantelle cooked up an amazing feast of tacos and then it was time to head to bed. All four of us quite buggered by our walks today.

Tomorrow we want to go and check out the northern rim of the canyon too. We have heard it is even more spectacular than the south rim!

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2 thoughts on “Arrroooooooooo!!!

  1. Take a mule ride down into the canyon!!! That was SO cool! I think you guys would love it.

    • tncpowell

      We were really pressed for time on this jaunt so we haven’t been able to take advantage of things like that. Which is a shame. So maybe we just have to come back and do that!

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